Healthy eating tips for a guilt-free festive season

Check out these tips by nutritionist Kejal Shah on how to stay on track during the festive season

07 Nov 2022

Who doesn’t enjoy bingeing on yummy treats during festivals? Never mind if you have taken that extra serving or a tempting bite of that seasonal sweet. The trick is to tweak your traditional recipe into a more fulfilling one by opting for ingredients that are low in calories while still satisfying your sweet tooth.

Take a cue from nutritionist Kejal Shah’s hacks on how not to hold yourself back from relishing desserts and savoury foods, but be smart about what you put on your plate.

Eat mindfully

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To avoid over indulgence, prepare in advance and make the festive goodies at home using healthy alternatives such as ground dates, peanut butter, nuts, and grated chocolate to make laddoos, instead of eating the regular one.

Eat smart

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It’s always tempting to reach for a bag of chips, or a bar of chocolate when cravings hit between meals.  Shah shares how you can swap some dishes with healthier alternatives. Craving a rasgulla? Eat a sandesh, instead. Want to eat a chakri, munch on multigrain herb crackers instead. It’s healthier and does the job!

Boost your immunity

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Certain probiotics like dosa, dhokla, kombucha and homemade pickles aid digestion and have a positive impact on your gut. So make sure to add these in your diet during the celebrations.

Make smart tweaks

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Making subtle healthy eating tweaks will get you back on track after festive indulgences. She suggests, instead of a crash diet, start introducing foods rich in antioxidants. For breakfast, make a beetroot, carrot, or apple smoothie, or settle for green tea instead!

Do you know any other tips to keep you healthy during the festive season? Tell us in the comments section below

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