Breakfast reimagined, the smoothie way

Eight easy-to-make breakfast smoothies to keep you going through the day

27 May 2021

Getting creative with breakfast recipes doesn’t require much of effort. Breakfast being reimagined is one of the food trends that is expected to go big this year, according to the Godrej Food Trends Report 2021. Experts predict that breakfast will not only take centre stage, but will also see oodles of innovation. While home entrepreneurs and restaurants are expected come up with unique artisanal offerings, the food industry will step up with its own packaged solutions. With all this in store, breakfast fare in 2021 will surely be something to look forward to. So, read, reflect and reimagine breakfast with us.

Chai time, anytime

How about a chai smoothie to get you back into the swing of things? Just pour 1 ½ cups of tea concentrate, 1 cup of milk and some ice cubes into the blender. Pour it out in your favourite smoothie glass, sprinkle some cinnamon powder and your morning cup of tea with a twist is ready!

Blueberry banana, anyone?

Blueberry is great. Blueberry with banana is even greater! Don’t believe us? Try this — 1 cup of blueberries, 1 banana, 1/2 a cup of coconut milk (preferably unsweetened), 1/2 a tablespoon of almond extract for an extra dimension of flavours, 1 tablespoon each of lime juice and honey. Toss it all into the blender and voila! Your colourful smoothie bowl is ready!

Apple of your eyes

Have you ever tried an apple ginger smoothie bowl? Well, now is a great time. Peel one apple and chop it up, extract the juice of 2 limes, and toss all of this into the blender. Next, add 1/2 inch of peeled ginger, 1/4 cup honey, 1 cup of water and 2 cups of ice. Blend it well, take it out and feast away!

Dislike green tea no more

Not a fan of green tea? Let us help you change that. With this smoothie recipe, you can have the goodness of green tea minus the not-so-great taste. Here’s what you need to do — brew 1 ½ cups of green tea (make it extra strong) and let it cool. Toss that, along with 1/3 cup of almonds, 1/4 cup of honey and a cup of ice into the blender.

Black Plumther

Take a cup of jamun or black plums (pitted and sliced), 1/2 cup of low fat milk, 1 cup of yoghurt, 1 tablespoon of honey and blend until smooth. Take it out, and don’t forget to add a few stray jamuns on top.

Oatmeal but better

Presenting oatmeal cookie smoothies — delicious and not boring! Take a cup of crumbled oatmeal cookies, 1 cup vanilla ice cream (that’s right), 1 cup milk and blend them together. Dust a little cinnamon powder on top and enjoy it with another oatmeal cookie. Filling and fantastic!

It’s a (leftover) cakewalk

Are you a cake hoarder? Then this one is for you. Here’s how you can put all those leftover cakes to good use. Crush 1 cupcake (preferably vanilla), take 1 ½ cups of vanilla ice cream, 1/4 cup milk (low fat), and 1/2 a tablespoon of vanilla extract. Blend well, and top it off with some colourful sprinkles, or left over cake crumbs.

Let’s veg out

Nothing like a little veggie kicker to start your day, for the health fanatics out there. Take 1 ¼ cups of tomato juice, 1/4 cup carrot juice, 1/2 a cucumber (peeled), 1/2 a celery stalk, 1/4 cup each of spinach and parsley and 1/2 a cup of ice cubes. Blend it well, and get ready for the veggie delight.

So, which one are you planning to try first? Have tricks up your sleeve that you want to share? We can’t wait to hear all of it. Let us know everything in the comments below while eating or drinking one of these smoothies for breakfast!

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