Shredded chicken for the win!

Turn your dish around with Godrej Real Good Chicken Breast

09 Dec 2022

Your kid wants to eat a chicken pizza but you don’t have much time? 

You want to create a gourmet meal for your date but work has left you with little time? 

Worry not! There’s Godrej’s Real Good Chicken Breast (Boneless) to help you whip up a range of dishes in just a little time! 

Read on to learn how you can transform your shredded chicken into the most lip-smacking meals!

Chicken Caesar Salad

Want to elevate your salad to the next level? Just add some freshly smoked shredded chicken to a lip-smacking bowl of Caesar salad made with a delicious mix of garlic, anchovies, leafy lettuce, mayonnaise, creamy yoghurt, and parmesan cheese!

Chicken Soup

This chicken soup is not just for your body but also for your soul! Enhance the flavour of your soup by adding shredded chicken to your chicken stock, along with kernels of corn, onions and carrots. Garnish it with spring onions and enjoy with a side of warm garlic bread!

Barbeque Chicken Sandwich

A perfect party snack! All you need to do is mix in shredded chicken, onions, barbeque sauce, and garlic to create the most delicious sandwich filling. 

Chicken Tacos

If there’s a recipe that you want to make at least once a week, it’s definitely these easy chicken tacos! Here’s all you need to do –

Sauté your shredded chicken with some salsa sauce, paprika, garlic and corn. Add it to your taco shell and garnish with jalapenos and shredded cheese. Top it up with some delicious sour cream.

Chicken Spaghetti

If you’re looking for a way to jazz up your next spaghetti dinner, we have an interesting recipe for you!

Mix your shredded chicken in a tangy blend of tomatoes, celery, shredded cheese, and pepper. Add the mix on top of your cooked spaghetti and voilà you have the perfect date meal!

Do you know some other dishes one can whip up with shredded chicken? Tell us in the comments section below


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