Seven Ways To Indulge Your Sweet Tooth This Diwali

Foodies, what’s the best part of waking up on a Diwali morning? Without a doubt, it’s the sweets. Who can resist the sight of juicy laddoos, crunchy karanjis and buttery shankarpalis waiting patiently for you for your gorging pleasure? While your love for these Diwali classics may be eternal, we dare you to try something different this festive season. Presenting, some of the most delectable sweet delights from across the country, which will make you forget all about besan laddoos this Diwali.

20 Oct 2016

Kheer kadam

Spongy rasgullas enclosed within a khoya casing from Bengal


Gujarati delicacy garnished with pistachios, cashew and almond

Coconut laddoo

Decadent spheres of desiccated coconut rolled in condensed milk

Makhana kheer

Popped lotus seeds or foxnuts swimming in a creamy milk pudding


Sugar-glazed fried pastry balls sprinkled with assorted nuts

Badam halwa

Saffron-hued almond puree lovingly prepared in ghee


Fried curls of lentils oozing with syrup in every bite

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