Experimenting with traditional winter delicacy - gajar ka halwa

Innovative ways to present (and eat) gajar ka halwa

21 Jan 2021

Who doesn’t relish a bowl of the oh-so-delicious gajar ka halwa in the winters? There is something sublime about this traditional mithai. Made with ruby red carrots, milk, nuts and pure ghee, this simple and delicious dessert (never mind the calories) is a must-make on social occasions in the winters. But how about giving this desi sweet speciality a contemporary twist? Yes, you heard it right. Tarts, ice creams and mousses – give a spin to this traditional winter delicacy and impress your guests with this unique makeover.

Gajar ka halwa and vanilla-orange custard tarts

This one’s a perfect Valentine’s Day dessert. Prepare the shortcrust pastry using maida, chilled and cubed butter and ice-cold water as needed. For the vanilla-orange custard, mix cornstarch slurry and sugar with milk. Add vanilla extract and orange zest to the mixture. Bake the tart moulds and simply scoop in the gajar ka halwa as filling and a dollop of custard on top.

Gajar halwa ice cream

This is a frozen version of the popular dessert that's just as flavourful and tasty! Simply prepare the carrot halwa and freeze it overnight until it is set and firm. Before serving, scoop out in a bowl and add chopped nuts and raisins as garnish.

Carrot halwa mousse

Beat heavy cream in a chilled bowl till it forms a soft peak. Sprinkle cardamom powder along with the gajar ka halwa and fold it gently. Allow it to rest in the fridge and then shift it to a piping bag. Pipe out portions in individual glasses, garnish with rose petals or chopped dry fruits and serve chilled.

Carrot halwa ladoos

Roll out the halwa into balls and coat the balls evenly with grated coconut. Let it sit in the fridge before serving.

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