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22 Dec 2023

Mince pies, a customary Christmas tradition in Britain, boast a fascinating and lengthy history. Contrary to their present sweet, round form filled with dried fruits and spices, these pies were originally savoury, rectangular, and crafted with minced meat.

The origins of mince pies date back to medieval times, an era where pies served as a prevalent method for cooking and preserving meat. Following the consumption of the delectable filling, comprised of finely chopped meat, honey, dried fruits, and spices, the pastry crust was frequently discarded. It was only during the Victorian era that the festive mince pie recipe underwent a transformation, with meat being excluded from the ingredients.

The filling, often referred to as ‘mincemeat’, is a fruity blend of raisins, grated apple, mixed citrus peel, all complemented by a touch of brandy and lemon. Naturally, there are different interpretations of this recipe. In contemporary times, food retailers have introduced inventive twists to the traditional formula, incorporating elements like salted caramel, additional orange, or even chocolate.

Take a look at the endless array of mince-pie variations, each a testament to the delightful marriage of tradition and innovation.

Classic mince pies

Classic mince pies

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without an abundance of decadent and fruity mince pies brimming with festive spices and citrus undertones. A golden, flaky crust cradles a rich, spiced mincemeat filling that embodies the essence of holiday warmth. Simple, yet enduring, these pies set the stage for the culinary adventure that lies ahead.

Marzipan and orange mince pies

Marzipan and orange mince pies

For those seeking a citrusy twist, marzipan and orange mince pies are a harmonious blend of sweet and tangy. The almond-infused marzipan adds a layer of luxurious texture, while the burst of orange zest brightens each delectable bite. It’s a flavour combination that dances on the taste buds.

Fried mince pies

Immerse yourself in the crispy, golden exterior that gives way to a molten mincemeat core. This unconventional take on a classic introduces a delightful contrast of textures, proving that innovation knows no bounds.

Filo mince pie rolls

Filo pastry mince pie rolls are playful and lighter twist on the traditional pies. Featuring dried fruit mincemeat with a blend of chopped apples and pears, all encased in flaky filo pastry and delicately dusted with cinnamon sugar. The result? A roll of sheer indulgence, offering a modern twist on the traditional favourite.

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