A hatke twist to the classic gajar ka halwa

Sure, nothing beats the original, but experimenting can lead to some precious wonders too!

08 Feb 2023

After a hot meal of sarson ka saag and makki ki roti, a bowl of gajar ka halwa concludes the meal like no other sweet can. The otherwise bland carrots are shredded into a delicious sweet dish or halwa, which is also good for your body considering the warming nature of the vegetable. But what if we told you there’s more than one way of eating this winter favourite?

Pie, mousse and much more

While some experiments with gajar ka halwa have gone south, like the halwa momo, there are some contemporary creations which aptly mould the different flavours. The most common is gajar halwa with vanilla ice-cream. This dish might go against the warming purpose, but tastes delicious nonetheless. Speaking of ice-creams, you can create a gajar ka halwa flavoured ice cream too. All you have to do is freeze the halwa overnight, and serve it in a bowl garnished with raisins and nuts!

The gajar ka halwa mousse too, might sound questionable, but can prove to be quite a hit amongst the guests. Beat cream in a chilled bowl, and fold the gajar ka halwa gently into it, along with some cardamom powder. Shift it to a piping bag and pipe out portions into individual glasses. Garnish your mousse glasses with rose petals and serve chilled!

A perfect Valentine’s Day dessert, the halwa pie is made with a shortcrust pastry and a vanilla orange custard. Add the gajar ka halwa in the piecrust, layer it with vanilla orange custard, comprising of vanilla extract and orange zest and bake it for 40-45 minutes. Serve it to your valentine and watch them swoon!

On to a more traditional variation - the gajar halwa laddoo transforms the halwa into bite-sized portions, but with an added flavour - coconut! Roll the halwa into balls and coat it with shaved coconut and let it sit in the fridge before serving!

Don’t admonish it before you try it

While these dishes sound unique, they are easy to make and taste great too. So go ahead, and give these fusion dishes a try, and rest assured that your guests will ask for more!

Have you tried these dishes yet? If you did and wish to share more such gajar halwa fusion recipes, let us know in the comments section below

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