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From meals to snacks, here are eight ways you can include moringa in your diets

25 Jun 2021

Not everyone is a morning person, but we can all sure be moringa people! Moringa is a traditional Indian plant that has been hailed as a superfood for a long time now. Almost every part of the plant is said to be useful, and make for great ingredients in a large array of dishes. And to make things more convenient, we have packaged moringa powder or dried leaves that are easily available.

With extra chaotic lives with work from home, work life balance might be hard to find. But a balanced meal is certainly not. The pandemic has reignited a general interest in functional, health boosting foods, as predicted in the GFTR2021. So, here are some mouth-watering recipes featuring our hero of the moment that you’ve got to try.

Moringa oatmeal

Step aside regular oatmeal, make way for moringa oatmeal. This old recipe with a new twist packs quite a nutrient-heavy punch, and can be just the thing you need to kick-start your day with a bang. Just get dried moringa leaves powder and add it to your oatmeal bowl, easy peasy!

Moringa smoothie

If morning smoothies are your jam, we’ve good news for you. Moringa goes with almost anything and can be incorporated in your food in several ways. The next time you make your smoothie bowl, toss a cup of moringa leaves or a bit of the powder in there along with your regular berries and veggies, too.

Moringa daal

Do you like your meals flavourful and desi? Great. Jazz up your regular daal, add in a cup or so of moringa leaves. Simmer it, add your regular spices and then serve it with roti or rice. You could also have just a bowl of the daal itself — hassle free yet filling.

Moringa chicken soup

Feeling under the weather, or just want a hot steamy bowl of meaty goodness? Get your chicken soup going, but hold on! Reach out for that moringa powder, or some leaves, and add it in. Remember, when life lands you in a soup, heat it up, add some moringa and down it!

Moringa cake bites

Regular cupcakes? Boring. Cupcakes with moringa? Fresh! Whether you’re making vanilla or pumpkin cupcakes, don’t forget to include a teaspoon or more of moringa powder in the cake mix. Savour each immunity boosting bite of your little cuppy cakes.

Stir-fried moringa leaves

We love our stir-fries, don’t we? So, how about trying something truly new this time? Say ‘hi’ to moringa stir-fry. Chop up some onions, use a little mustard seeds, go ham with the Indian spices and add loads of fresh moringa leaves. Nicely fry everything together, plate up and enjoy it!

Moringa choco fudge

Chocolate with moringa? Let’s try it. Chop up some dark chocolate, add condensed milk, add about 2 tablespoons of moringa powder, or leaves. Put it into the freezer. Pull it out, take out the spectacular choco moringa treats and munch away.

Moringa and potato salad

A little potato salad goes a long way. And for some extra mileage, we add moringa. Add chunks of potato in with sautéed garlic, onions and ginger. Add about half a cup of moringa leaves, a bit of turmeric, salt and pepper. Add some lemon juice or an oil and vinegar-based salad dressing, if you like. Garnish with some fresh coriander leaves and serve immediately.

Have some great moringa recipes, tips and tricks of your own? Share with us and tell us what other recipe would you like us to cook up.

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