Sabudana kheer

22 Oct 2020


Sabudana, Soaked 1 1 cup/s
Milk 2 cup/s
Sugar 0.75 cup/s
Cardamom Powder 0.5 teaspoon/s (tsp)
Cashews for Garnish 0.75 tablespoon/s (tbsp)
Raisins for Garnish 0.75 tablespoon/s (tbsp)
Ghee 1.5 tablespoon/s (tbsp)
Saffron, Soaked in Milk 1 tablespoon/s (tbsp)


Step 1: Take a microwave oven-safe bowl, add Sabudana and mix well. Select micro mode high power, set time for 7 minutes and press start.

Step 2: After the beep, remove and add ghee, milk, sugar, cardamom powder, mix well and press start. Then add the saffron milk and garnish with nuts and raisins. Serve warm.

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