Royal Falooda Cheesecake

A concept of this Cheesecake is developed on a Persian version of Falooda that came to western part of India with the Parsi community. This version is based with Rose Syrup, Vanilla Milk, Ice Cream & Clotted Cream (Malai). The version of this Falooda Cheesecake is a simple version that is almost based on it.

27 Mar 2021

  • 6
    Prep time
  • 30
    Cooking time


Digestive Biscuits 150 gram (g)
White Butter 100 gram (g)
Cream Cheese 400 gram (g)
Whipping Cream 150 gram (g)
White Chocolate 50 gram (g)
Cream 1 cup/s
Icing Sugar 150 gram (g)
Rose Syrup 50 millilitre (ml)


Royal Falooda Cheesecake

The easiest version of Cheesecake that melts in your mouth and it also tempts your tastebuds, not just about how it looks but also it tempts with it's color that are 100% natural and the favors are very well balanced.

  1. Digestive Biscuits -          150gms
  2. White Butter -                  100gms
  3. Cream Cheese -              400gms
  4. Cream -                            Half Cup
  5. Icing Sugar -                    150gms
  6. Whipping Cream -           150gms
  7. White Chocolate -             50gms
  8. Rose Syrup -                      3 Tablespoon
  9. Saffron -                           


All we need to star is by breaking all the Digestive Biscuits by hand making almost in to a powder form, while doing this process, make sure the Butter we have kept for mixing it in to Biscuits is melted properly. Once done, just mix melted butter in to Biscuits, now is the time you brush some oil in to a plate you want to use for making the Cheesecake (this helps to remove your Cheesecake easily without sticking at the bottom or on the side.) Layer the Biscuit mix at the bottom of the plate by gently pressing it and put it in to a fridge for about 30minutes. 


Now is the time to make your Cream Cheese filling, in a Bowl empty Cream Cheese, Icing Sugar and start whipping with a whisker, add Half Cup Cream and whip it till the mixture gets lighter, now you can add Saffron and mix it according to your need you want to make it appear. Layer the Cream Cheese content in to your Plate over the Biscuit layer and leave it to fridge for about 2 to 3 hours, this will allow Cream Cheese to set well.


Here you need to work on the Mousse part which will be layered on the Top of your Cream Cheese, so start to work on making a Mousse with you r Whipping Cream which is either sweetened or it needs to be sweetened. The best procedure is to empty Cream in to a Bowl and cover the side of this Bowl with lots of Ice, this allows Cream to settle well with Air in it and don’t let it get liquid (Remember, Over whipping may turn it in to Butter.) But here you won’t see any of that as we will be adding about 100gms of melted White Chocolate which you will need at the time of mixing the Cream, you can melt your White Chocolate by Double Boiler process, Once you see your Cream is whipped properly, try to turn the Bowl upside down, if Cream don’t fall, it is done, add Icing Sugar about 4 table spoons and Rose Syrup with melted White Chocolate, mix every thing gently and layer it on the Cream Cheese. Done - now allow it to set for another 2 to 3 hours till it gets completely set.


Your Cheesecake is now ready to get served and you can decorate it with Rose Petals, Pistachios, Saffron adding some Cream & Chia Seeds dollops on the top before serving. 

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