Methi Dana ladoo

This ladoo are made to keep body warm and bones strong and healthy

30 Dec 2020

  • 20
    Prep time
  • 15
    Cooking time
  • 10


Methi Dana powder 100 gram (g)
Almonds crushed 100 gram (g)
Edible gum crushed 100 gram (g)
Jaggery 200 gram (g)
Desi Ghee 200 gram (g)
Wheat flour 75 gram (g)
Dhana Kali( corindear seed flake ) 50 gram (g)
Khopra grated 40 gram (g)
Dry Ginger powder 20 gram (g)
Pipramol 10 gram (g)
White musili ( optional) 10 gram (g)


Take heavy bottomed kadhai add ghee, let it get heated, once hot add edible gum and fry to get flakes, remove from ghee, add wheat flour and roast in the same kadhai with remaining ghee and roast and remove the kadhai from flame mix Jaggery and other ingredients and make ladoos 

This ladoos are a bit bitter but healthy 

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