Khichdi with a twist

Khichdi is our country’s most favourite comfort food; it brings forth memories of family meals made with love. The popularity of khichdi all across the country lies in its simplicity, taste and its versatility. Though khichdi is traditionally made with rice and lentils, you can replace the rice with millets for a healthier dish.

20 Jun 2019

  • 960
    Prep time
  • 20
    Cooking time
  • 2


Bajra flour 1 cup/s
Split chickpeas 1 cup/s
Onions, green chillies and garlic (finely chopped) 1 cup/s
Ghee 1 tablespoon/s (tbsp)
Oil 1 tablespoon/s (tbsp)
Cumin seeds 1 tablespoon/s (tbsp)
Black cumin seeds 1 tablespoon/s (tbsp)
Coriander (chopped) 1 tablespoon/s (tbsp)
Turmeric powder 0.5 tablespoon/s (tbsp)
Jaggery 1 tablespoon/s (tbsp)
Hot water 1 cup/s
Salt to taste


  • Soak bajra and moong dal in water for 7-8 hours. Heat oil in a pan; add black cumin seeds, cumin seeds, onions, garlic and green chillies. Fry well till the onion and garlic turn brown.
  • Cook bajra-moong dal in a pan using hot water. Allow it to cook on a low flame for 15 minutes in a covered container. Garnish it with jaggery and ghee. Serve hot.
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