Maida 1 cup/s
Ghee 2 tablespoon/s (tbsp)
Desiccated Coconut 1 cup/s
Grated Khoya 1 cup/s
Powdered Sugar 1 cup/s
Elaichi Powder 0.5 teaspoon/s (tsp)
Almonds chopped piece/s
Cashew chopped piece/s
Kishmish piece/s


In a bowl put maida, ghee, add water and knead a soft dough for gujiya. Keep the dough  covered for 15 minutes and knead again. Divide the dough in small balls of equal size. Roll out each ball in to a thin circle. Place the rolled out circle in a gujiya mould and fill the center with stuffing. Close the gujiya mould carefully & press firmly at edges to seal them properly.

Remove the excess part of the dough bulging out of the mould. Remove gujiya from mould.

Prepare all the gujiyas in the same way. Apply little oil to all prepared gujiyas.

Step 1: - Select convection mode, set temperature 200°c and press start to preheat the oven.

Step 2: - Arrange all prepared gujiyas in on the crusty plate and place it on grill mesh rack in the preheated oven and select convection mode 200°c temperature, set time for 1 minutes, press start. (In between remove and turn gujiyas upside to down carefully and press start).

Serve hot or cool.

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