Garlic & Herb Cheesy Sourdough

Whenever I'm hosting friends or family, I like to set the mood with a delicious appetizer. This Garlic & Herb Cheesy Sourdough entree is easy to make, doesn't take too long and is oh-so-tasty. And that cheesy pull just makes it irresistible. Guests are sure to devour it to the last crumb.

25 Mar 2021

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    Prep time
  • 20
    Cooking time
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Basil Leaves 20 piece/s
Curled Parsley 0.25 cup/s
Melted Butter 0.5 cup/s
Fresh Garlic 0.25 cup/s
Green Chilli Paste 1 tablespoon/s (tbsp)
Mozarella cheese 1 cup/s
Sourdough 1 piece/s


In a food processor, combine garlic and herbs and crush into a dry paste. 

Mix it with melted butter and add chilli paste.

Slice the crusted sourdough loaf diagonally 

Pour garlic and herb butter in the gaps, followed by grated mozzarella.

Wrap with foil and bake at 200*c for 15 mins. 

Your Garlic & Herb Cheesy Sourdough is ready! 

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