Chef Madhushree’s DIY homemade salted caramel sauce recipe

Well-known home chef Madhushree shares how to make sweet and salted caramel sauce recipe at home.

22 Feb 2021


Caramel sauce is a quick and delicious topping for all kinds of cakes and ice creams. It quickly became one of the popular lockdown recipes. If you’ve perhaps missed out on making caramel sauce during 2020, check out this video of Chef Madhushree in collaboration with Godrej HIT. Learn how to make the perfect salted caramel sauce at home and keep your kitchen hygienic with an easy DIY solution.

To prepare the perfect salted caramel sauce, you only require four ingredients: sugar, water, heavy cream and salted butter. In a heavy bottom pan, take some sugar and water. Put it on a medium flame and let it simmer. Be patient and alert as the sugar caramelizes rapidly after a point and can risk getting burnt. Once the sugar syrup starts turning a pleasant golden brown colour, turn the flame off and add some heavy cream to it and stir. Add some salted butter to this mixture and blend it well with a spoon. If you feel that the salted butter is not enough, add a little more sea salt to the sauce.

You can refrigerate and store the sauce in a jar. Warm it up before using it and enjoy the perfect salted caramel sauce on desserts.


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