A little bit of bajra to see you through winter

That’s right! The tiny-but-mighty bajra is an excellent warming ingredient and can be transformed into exciting dishes

21 Jan 2022

This winter we covered the dishes and ingredients which will keep you warm against the chill. And continuing that chain of thought, we now take a look at bajra. Bajra or pearl millet is a healthy alternative to wheat and can be used as a replacement in several dishes such as upma or khichdi. What about fun snacks though?

Did you know you can ditch regular flour and make pancakes using bajra?

Don’t believe us? Keep reading to discover fun dishes you can make using this ancient superfood.


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Starting off with one of the simplest pleasures of bajra — a bhakri! Bajra can be a great substitute for gluten-based flours. However, to ensure a proper dough make sure to take hot water to knead the dough for the bhakri. Once done, either flatten the dough balls with your palm or roll it into a circle between two plastic sheets. Cook it on a hot pan. Generously drizzle your hot bhakri with Godrej Jersey Ghee and pair it with jaggery (also a great warming ingredient) or a pickle of your choice!


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Soak some whole bajra and moong dal overnight in water and pressure cook them. Temper some cumin seeds in ghee and add this to the cooked moong dal and bajra. Season with salt, stir the khichdi over medium heat for a few minutes and serve it hot.



To make utappam, soak whole bajra overnight and pressure cook. Add the cooked bajra along with bajra flour, chopped capsicum, grated red carrot, chilli powder, and water to a bowl. Mix the batter well. Spread a ladle full of the batter on a pan greased with Godrej Veg Oil’s Refined Sunflower Oil and cook till both sides are brown. Serve your bajra uttapam with some green coriander chutney or tomato sauce!


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These dhebras are ideal for a mid-day snack and pair well with a steaming cup of chai! Take some bajra flour, kasuri methi, curd, sesame seeds, coriander leaves, chilli powder, turmeric powder and salt. Add enough water to form a stiff dough. Mould the dough into flat but thick puris and deep fry them in Godrej Veg Oil’s Refined Soyabean Oil!



Raab is a Rajasthani drink, often made during weddings or other festive occasions. Heat some Godrej Jersey Ghee in a kadhai and add ajwain (carom) seeds to it. Add bajra flour, water, jaggery and dried ginger powder, and mix well so that there are no lumps. Boil the mixture for a couple of minutes, and serve hot! Garnish the raab with chopped nuts such as almonds or cashews.


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This pancake recipe is great if you’re intolerant or sensitive to gluten. To make them, take some bajra flour in a bowl and add salt, cinnamon powder and baking powder. Mix the ingredients well and add Godrej Jersey Cow Milk and eggs. Whisk the batter properly and pour a spoonful on a greased pan. Just like you would for a regular pancake, cook till both sides are slightly brown. Serve your bajra pancakes with some maple syrup or your favourite toppings!

Another way to make bajra pancakes is by giving it a desi twist. Mix together bajra flour, grated potatoes, coriander, mint leaves, onions, jeera and chilli powder. Cook on a greased pan and serve them hot with some coriander chutney!

Do you know any more exciting bajra recipes? Tell us in the comments section below.

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