Things to keep in mind while setting out on a successful culinary trip

Culinary travelling is the new cool. Are you ready to give it a try?

26 Apr 2021

Culinary tourism, also known as food tourism, is a recent exciting trend popular with food enthusiasts. During such trips, one can discover new flavours, exotic ingredients, and different food cultures. Culinary travels also get one inspired to try out newer methods and preparations while cooking, leading to innovative food creations. Another important benefit of culinary travel is that it helps to preserve the dying food cultures around the world. At the recently concluded Godrej IFBA2021 virtual session, Thomas Zacharias, Executive Chef at The Bombay Canteen, spoke extensively about ways to document your culinary travel. According to Zacharias, “One must be open to exploring and trying new flavours, as well as look beyond the obvious; look for areas that aren’t as ‘touristy’ to add more value to one’s trip.”

Travel planning

Are you a person keen on luxury and fine dining experiences or interested in trying out the small roadside joints and street food delicacies? Pick the right food destinations that’d suit your palate and preferences before leaving for the trip.

Eat with locals

One of the best things about food travelling is getting to try the fresh, local produce available only in a particular region or in a specific season. For example, one cannot visit Bengal in winter without sampling some nolen gurer sandesh.

He further adds that being friendly with locals is a guaranteed way to get the conversation flowing. The locals always know the hidden gems and the best places for that region’s specialities. Try to get talking with your host or some friendly local, but be cautious about your safety and avoid divulging your details.

Flexibility in your itinerary

Every trip contains a few blips, and a food trip is no exception. It could be a closed eatery or restaurant one day or the unavailability of a regional dish on another day. Make sure that you keep your itinerary flexible so that you can get the most out of the trip without missing out on much.

Travel medical checklist

You do not want to upset your plans due to a minor stomachache or a mild infection. Pack a few medicines that can come in handy during such circumstances. Also, make sure you have some antihistamines in case you are prone to allergies.

Explore local food culture

Food is a huge part of any region’s culture. Get immersed in the culture of your destination to enjoy the region’s offerings like a local. Many food cultures and traditions around the world need to be understood, learnt and shared. Only then would they remain alive through the ages. Do your bit to preserve them.

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