India’s love affair with chicken

Flatter your taste buds with these unique regional chicken dishes

20 Jan 2023

Did you know that chicken was brought to the Indian subcontinent by the Mughals, Turks and European colonists? However, over time, chicken consumption became localised, with each region choosing a different type of bird and preparation, according to the Godrej Food Trends Report (GFTR) 2022. For instance, Naati Koli in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, Nadan Kozhi in Kerala and Nattu Kozhi in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. In Rajasthan, which is predominantly a mutton eating state, chicken evolved in the form of Khad ka Murgh and Bhuna Kukkad. 

“When we come to Indian curries, we tend to put neck, breasts, wings or legs of the chicken into the curries. However, I have always enjoyed cooking with the thigh of the chicken. Whether for tandoor or curries, thigh pieces bring a different juiciness to the preparation,” says Chef Rakesh Sethi, Executive Corporate Chef of the Radisson Hotel Group.

What was once considered a ‘dirty bird’ owing to their reputation for being scavengers, has come a long way, with each community in India having a distinct preparation for this bird.

Godrej Real Good Chicken offers a range of products, ideal for cooking any chicken dish your heart desires! Try some of these unique chicken dishes from across the country for your next full-course meal.

Murgir lal jhol

A Bengali staple, this lip-smacking curry is made with a spice paste comprising Kashmiri chillies, garam masala, ginger, and garlic. Chicken marinated in turmeric is cooked in the signature mustard oil. The big pieces of fried potatoes give the curry added texture.

Saagwala kukkad

In this Amritsari dish, chicken is cooked in a wholesome batch of spinach puree and spiced with garlic, cinnamon, cardamom, and ajwain. Enjoy this dense curry with some warm rice or butter naan. Add a bit of cream to your saag for a rich flavour!

Kombdi rassa

This Maharashtrian preparation is made with coconut flavoured curry, along with roasted onion. The onion is roasted whole atop a stove and then cut into smaller pieces and added to the curry. The spicy curry is traditionally enjoyed with jowar bhakri!

Chicken neiiong

A mellow, flavourful curry, black sesame chicken is a Shillong specialty from the indigenous Khasi tribe. This dish stands out due to its unique flavour of black sesame seeds with a punch of pepper.

Pallipalayam chicken fry

A chicken appetizer, Kerala’s Pallipalayam chicken fry, is a shallow-fried chicken recipe cooked with copious amounts of shallots, red chillies and coconut. Since coconut is meaty, it gives the same textural bite as meat.

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