Iconic eateries that every foodie must visit

Have you visited these legendary restaurants?

10 Mar 2022

A city is defined by its history and the monuments, its people and their lifestyle, and of course, its food and must-visit restaurants! In every decade, hundreds of new food spaces pop up in the megacities – some manage to survive, some close down, while very few go on to gain huge popularity. Here are the legendary restaurants of prominent Indian cities that every foodie must’ve visited at least once. Call yourself a foodie? Then make sure to visit these iconic eateries – some even existing since the pre-Independence era.

K. Rustom, Mumbai

For many locals of Mumbai, a visit to the Marine Drive is incomplete without a stop at K. Rustom ice cream parlour. The establishment sells slices of classic and new ice cream flavours sandwiched between wafers. Unlike many other ice cream shops, K. Rustom has been making and selling its own ice creams since 1953 at very reasonable rates.

Dorabjee & Sons restaurant, Pune

Established in 1878, Dorabjee & Sons restaurant has a huge group of faithful patrons who visit the establishment for its authentic Parsi food. Patra ni macchi, mutton dhansak, chicken farcha are signature dishes here.

Glenary’s (Darjeeling)

Do you know that author and humourist Mark Twain came here to eat? One of the most adored international imports during the British Raj in India, Glenary’s, with some picturesque views of Mount Kanchenjunga, is one of the oldest confectioners in Darjeeling. Tourists in Darjeeling make a beeline here to pick up cakes, pies, pastries and other baked goodies. Regular visitors sit out on the balcony area with a cup of Darjeeling tea and one of the baked goodies. The bakery was established over 100 years ago and flaunts beautiful heritage architecture. A red-coloured old telephone booth stands in the middle of the room to add more old-world charm to the space.

Flurys, Kolkata

It is one of Kolkata’s favourite tearooms and pastry shops. Located in Park Street, it was founded by the Swiss couple Mr and Mrs J Flurys in 1927. The rum ball has remained a popular offering for decades, but the menu has been updated to match the customer’s evolving tastes. Flurys has expanded its presence with outlets in Kolkata and Mumbai. However, the original outlet remains popular where patrons keep flocking for the classic English breakfast or the desserts soaked in old memories.

Hari Ram & Sons, Prayagraj

Being one of the oldest street food shops you can find around, Hari Ram & Sons uses pure ghee and fresh ground spices to prepare their delicacies. The oldest eatery has been around for more than 100 years. Their potato-free samosa is a signature dish, while dalmoth, palak ki namkeen and khasta kachori are other popular dishes.

Kesar da Dhaba, Amritsar

Situated less than a kilometre from the Golden Temple of Amritsar, Kesar Da Dhaba is a vegetarian Punjabi dhaba that dates back to 100 years with its rustic setting and delicious food. It was originally established in Pakistan by Lala Kesar Mal and his wife Parvati in 1916. However, they shifted the establishment to Amritsar after the partition. The signature dish is the dal makhani, which is prepared in a large steel cauldron where it simmers overnight till it is ready. Other popular dishes include the silver-leaf topped phirni served in earthen bowls and creamy lassi.

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