Discover coffee brewing techniques from across the world

This International Coffee Day, discover how different countries brew their coffee to create unique concoctions

29 Sep 2023

From India's aromatic filter kaapi to the precise Japanese pour-over, every country serves up its own captivating coffee culture. Take the Italian Moka Pot, a two-chamber coffee marvel where hot water dances through coffee grounds, collecting in the upper pot. On the flip side, there's American Cowboy coffee – a rugged brew heated right in the midst of the wild west action, perfect for cowboys and adventurers on the move. 

This International Coffee Day, we're treating you to a global coffee tour, showcasing diverse coffee styles and brewing methods from around the world. Join us for a sip of worldwide coffee enchantment!

Belgian Balance Siphon coffee

Imagine an intricate coffee-making setup that resembles a perfectly balanced scale. To kick things off, water gets heated within the right-hand metal chamber. It then gracefully ascends through a glass tube to meet coffee grounds nestled in the glass chamber on the left. Eventually, the coffee circles back through the tube into the metal chamber, where it elegantly gathers. 

And the grand finale? Your aromatic coffee flows out through a small cork, putting on a delightful performance. This captivating coffee contraption can now be yours to order or even craft at home, turning your space into a coffee masterpiece!"

Kyoto Cold Brew Coffee Tower

Unlock the secrets of Japan's Kyoto Tower Coffee – a fascinating 8-hour brewing journey! This isn't your ordinary iced coffee; it's a cold brew masterpiece, distinct in flavor and technique. 

Picture this: Icy water cascades into the top beaker, trickling down to meet the delicate coffee grounds (think lighter roast) before spiraling into the bottom beaker. This magical transformation is best left to work its charm overnight, thanks to its time-consuming nature. 
The result? A chilled coffee sensation that's surprisingly low on acidity, with just the right touch of sweetness.

Turkish press

Hailing from the Middle East, Turkish press coffee is a tradition steeped in history, prepared using a distinctive brass or coffee container called the 'cezve.' Here's how it's done: Start by boiling water in the cezve, infusing it with sugar. Then, finely ground coffee is introduced, and the mixture simmers away. 

As the brew works its magic, it typically develops a layer of froth, a hallmark of quality coffee in this region.

The final step? Pouring this exquisite concoction into small cups, making sure that the coveted frothy layer crowns each serving.

Neapolitan Flip Pot coffee 

Much like the Moka pot, the Neapolitan flip pot coffee is a cherished traditional brewing method hailing from Naples, Italy, known as 'cucumella' in Italian. 

Here's how it unfolds: Begin by filling the bottom chamber with water and the upper chamber with coffee grounds. Heat the pot until steam gracefully escapes. Once it's perfectly heated, the magic happens – flip the pot, and the water cascades into the coffee grounds, flowing out elegantly through the spout.

Costa rican Chorreador

Enter the world of Chorreador, a Costa Rican coffee ritual named after the soothing sound of 'drip' and 'trickle.' Here's the magic: Hang a small mesh pouch over your cup, fill it with finely ground coffee, and then pour in piping hot water. What happens next is pure coffee alchemy as it drips and trickles, delivering liquid gold into your waiting cup below. 

But here's the kicker – you've got two stylish options to choose from: the rustic wooden or the sleek wire Chorreador machine. It's your ticket to brewing paradise!

Do you know some other unique global coffee brewing techniques? Let us know in the comments

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