Did someone say hot chocolate?

Close the blinds, light a candle, and sip on the deliciousness of hot chocolate as the cold winter night wanes

30 Jan 2023

The winter season is here and the list of delicious warm beverages one can sip has been laid out. One of the chief ones in this exhaustive list is the creamy, comforting, and delicious hot chocolate.

When asked about the perfect hot chocolate recipe, Rocky Mohan, Founder Mentor, Chef Pin says “For the best hot chocolate, add a dollop of Bailey’s Irish Cream, and pop it up with full-density milk. This beverage will keep you warm for many a cold winter nights”. Meanwhile, Chef Varun Inamdar, suggests that the most crucial element of hot chocolate is, you guessed it, the chocolate. “We are not necessarily talking about compound chocolate, but real chocolate!” he adds.

While we all love an old-school hot chocolate, what if we told you that you could add some cheese, or cayenne spices to your cup? Countries from across the world have their own version of the hot chocolate, each worth a try! Check out some interesting recipes you can try this winter:

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