Decoding regional Indian snacking delights

Explore India’s rich food diversity through its unique tapestry of snacks

11 Aug 2023

India's incredible diversity shines through its culture, spanning art, architecture, and, of course, food! The Godrej Food Trends Report gathered food experts nationwide to boldly capture our regional cuisines. Last month, we delved into the different street foods one can try acrossthe country's streets from Indore’s crispy garadu to Kashmir’s lotus stem fritters.

“India’s rich multi-cultural and communal history adds layers of nuance to food traditions at home and local palate preferences with street food and dining out.”  from the Godrej Food Trends Report 2023.

This month, we bring you the top snacks one must sample from across the states and union territories, from the lens of regional food experts!


Discover the taste of Meghalaya through iconic rice-based treats like Pumaloi, Puklein, and Sakin Gata. Pumaloi, a coconut-filled delight, is steamed in a unique Meghalayan pot called Khiew Ranei. Sakin Gata offers a sweeter side—layers of sticky and cooked rice interspersed with sesame seeds form delightful cake mounds. And don't miss Puklein, akin to Pitha, featuring fried jaggery and rice dumplings for a delectable sweet snack.


In Goa, the land of chorizo, a treasure trove of tasty snacks awaits. Experience the cutlet bread, where zesty chicken, fish, or beef nestles in a bun. Dive into the chorizo pao, with smoky pork sausage snugly baked into fluffy bread. And don't miss the must-try ros omelette—enjoy an omelette with a delectable coconut-infused Goan curry, served alongside bread!


Introducing Dhuska, a crispy fried delight crafted from rice, chana dal, and urad dal. Picture perfect in golden brown, it's a match made with chutney or even chicken/mutton curry. Then there's Burra, akin to Dhuska with its Adivasi roots—a urad dal batter turned into savory fried pakoras, best enjoyed with classic chutney. And in Jharkhand's flavor mix, meet Gupchup, their unique take on pani-puri—absolutely a must-try!

Uttar Pradesh

Exploring Uttar Pradesh? Indulge in the iconic laiya chana—a fusion of shallow-fried chana, puffed rice, tangy tomato, zesty onions, green chillies, and an array of spices—a bhel like no other! And then there's the renowned khasta kachori—flaky, spicy moong dal filling encased in flour dough, deep-fried to crispy perfection. Uttar Pradesh's snacks are an adventure in every bite!


In Uttarakhand, don't miss Chakotra chaat—a twist on grapefruit where juicy pulp meets savory spices for a wholesome treat. Then there's Sana hua nimbu, a yoghurt delight with a cumin-hemp seed kick, enhanced by garlic, ginger, mountain lemon pulp, jaggery, and a sprinkle of coriander! And let's not forget Patyud—a crispy marvel made by blending arbi leaves and besan, shallow-fried to perfection. Uttarakhand's flavors are an adventure on the plate!

So, which of these unique snacks would you love to try first? Are you drawn to the fusion of flavors in Goa, tempted by the crispy delights of Jharkhand, or intrigued by the rich offerings of Uttar Pradesh? Share your snack preference and let's celebrate the delicious tapestry of India's regional treats together!

For more information, check out the full GFTR 2023 here.

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