Celebrate Bohag Bihu with these traditional recipes

Rongali Bihu, as it is also known, marks the onset of the harvest festival for Assam

20 Apr 2023

Bohag Bihu or Rongali Bihu is celebrated in the second week of April and celebrates the Assamese New Year, while also marking the onset of the harvest season. The two festivities, which begin on April 14, are filled with celebrations, singing, dancing to Bihu Geet, sharing gifts, and of course, feasting on delicacies!

We bring to you some famous dishes enjoyed by the state during this period:


Gila pithe, similar to the Bengali recipe, are fried sweet dumplings. To make this sweet dish, a mixture of rice flour, sticky rice and jaggery is moulded into balls. The balls or dumplings are deep fried till they are golden brown.

Maasor tenga

Maasor Tenga is a wholesome fish curry made with, you guessed it, Tenga fish. The fish is first marinated in salt, turmeric and mustard oil. The fish, along with marinated potatoes are added to a spicy broth comprising tempered tomatoes, onions, green chillies, mustard seeds, turmeric powder and salt. The resultant curry has a spicy aroma and is best enjoyed with warm rice!

Poka mithoi

Another sweet dish enjoyed during the period, Poka Mithoi are round balls made with rice dough. The ground rice is roasted, post which they are mixed with a sweet jaggery syrup to make a firm batter. The batter is finally moulded into balls, and further coated with rice powder!

Laai xaak khar pitha

Laai Xaak Pitha is made with a unique alkaline ingredient often referred to as ‘khar’ in Assamese cuisine. The alkaline is made with dried banana leaves, which are burnt and crushed into a powder. To make the dish, first, garlic is fried with some ginger garlic paste, chilli and herbs. Next in a kadhai, add the garlic mix, followed by chopped mustard leaves, rice powder and water, followed by the khar. The leaves will eventually shrink and you have yourself a delicious curry, best enjoyed with a warm bowl of rice!

Bora saulor aroiya pitha

A famous sweet dish prepared during Bihu, Bora Saulor Pitha is made with rice and jaggery. The rice batter is spread in a circular manner on a tawa, post which a coconut and sugar mixture is added to it. The rice crepe is then folded on to the mixture, thus creating a roll. Reminiscent of Maharashtra’s patodi, the pitha is made with the region’s sticky rice!

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