Top nutritionists to follow on Instagram for best diet hacks

Follow these celebrity nutritionists for quintessential tips and tricks on eating right and healthy!

28 Mar 2022

Do you want to give “eating right” a head start? Here are some go-to celebrity nutritionists, whom you can count to give you all the diet-related trips and tricks. Their content ranges from diet hacks to essential advice on eating right!

Kripa Jalan

Kripa Jalan is an experienced Sports Nutrition Specialist and Professional Nutrition Consultant. The founder of “Burgers to Beasts,” Kripa shares her expertise from her advanced education in nutrition and behaviour change. She shares her personal experiences with a troubled food relationship to help individuals create habits with ease. According to the website, Kripa proposes a fivefold aim; enabling individuals to make informed food choices for sustainable lifestyles; breaking the stigma around mental health; enhancing sleep quality; encouraging purposeful physical activity, and focusing on stress management.

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Rujuta Diwekar

Rujuta Diwekar is India's leading nutrition and exercise science expert. She is an advocate for eating local and a vocal champion of using our common sense and “un- complicating” the act of eating. Rujuta draws on her deep knowledge of Iyengar yoga, local and seasonal ingredients and recipes to advocate a holistic lifestyle based on traditional wisdom. The weight-loss guru to several Bollywood actors offers practical advice backed by science in her books. Check out her Instagram page for advice on nutrition and diets.

Pooja Makhija

Pooja Makhija is a nutritionist, functional practitioner, author and entrepreneur. Nutritionist to stars like Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor and Karan Johar, among others, Pooja Makhija has, in her 15 years of practice, transformed the bodies – and the lives – of several people. Pooja also has her own TV show - the ‘Pooja Makhija show’ - on the Food Food channel. Follow her on Instagram for dieting hacks and more!

Amrita Kotak

A nutritionist and diabetes educator, Amrita has been helping women manage weight with PMS, PCOS, and pregnancy. Boston University alumna helps to bust dietary myths through informative videos on YouTube and graphics on nutrition. Follow her on Instagram for tips and tricks.

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