Flavours of success: Home chefs who’ve turned passion into profit

Home is where the heart is, but for these talented home chefs, it’s also where their culinary dreams come to life

18 Oct 2023

In the world of cuisine, boundless passion and unwavering innovation frequently give rise to exceptional culinary delights. For a select group of passionate home chefs, culinary artistry transcends mere pastime; it embodies their existence. These home chefs have not only honed their culinary expertise to perfection but have also forged distinctive culinary identities. The Godrej Food Trends Report, 2023, predicts 2023 as the best time for creators to build, and grow their brand through content and experiences.

Here’s a look at a slew of home chefs who are making waves in the culinary world with their delectable creations.

Chef Maria Goretti

Top VJ, TV star turned chef and cookbook author, Chef Maria Goretti’s journey in the culinary world is nothing short of inspiring. With a delightful blend of traditional and contemporary flavours, she shares her culinary expertise through her blog and social media platforms. Earlier, through a post on Instagram, she revealed that her father was her first and foremost inspiration who ignited her passion for baking.

Armed with a Cordon Bleu Certificate course in culinary skills and bakery, her recipes are not only delicious but also a testament to her passion for food.

Shaheen Peerbhai (Purple Foodie)

Peerbhai (29) has garnered a loyal following with her culinary talents. She is known for her exquisite culinary workshops and collaborations with renowned brands. Her brand, "Purple Foodie," is synonymous with creativity and a deep love for all things food. Peerbhai has catalogued over 100 recipes of cakes, cookies, brownies and more complex French desserts like madeleines and financiers, along with images and easy tips and tricks of home baking.

In 2011, Peerbhai embarked on a transformative journey, leaving behind a comfortable marketing position at an IT company in Mumbai to pursue her culinary dreams in Paris, where she enrolled at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu (LCB) culinary school. During this time, she immersed herself in the vibrant tapestry of local bakeries and markets, drawing inspiration that would significantly influence her distinctive culinary style. Her culinary odyssey also led her to London, where she refined her pastry skills at Lyle’s, a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Between moving to different cities and working at various restaurants, the only thing that has remained a constant is Peerbhai’s blog, and the many obsessions she picks up along the way.

Chef Ananya Banerjee

Chef Ananya Banerjee specialises in the art of Bengali cuisine. Her pop-up restaurants and culinary events provide food lovers with an authentic taste of Bengal. Ananya’s love for Bengali food is contagious, and she shares it with a wide audience.

Madhura Bachal (Madhura’s Recipe)

The young chef took a leap of faith back in 2009 when she started the very first YouTube channel dedicated to Maharashtrian cuisine. Over the years, Pune-based Madhura has gained a following of over 4 million subscribers on her Marathi YouTube channel alone. Her Maharashtrian cooking tutorials have earned her a massive following in Mumbai and beyond, solidifying her brand as a culinary authority.

Meghna Kamdar (Meghna's Food Magic)

Banker turned baker, TEDx speaker, food blogger and social media influencer, Meghna Kamdar, through her platform "Meghna’s Food Magic," has turned her passion for cooking into a thriving brand. She’s dedicated to championing homemade meals as the top choice for those who enjoy dining out, all while making cooking accessible and affordable with simple ingredients. She offers cooking classes, private dining experiences, and catering services, connecting with food enthusiasts, and bringing culinary magic to life.

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