What icy indulgences will people enjoy in 2023?

Keep the World Ice Cream Day celebration alive by exploring diverse frozen delights

20 Jul 2023

According to the Godrej Food Trends Report 2023, chefs and cooks are pushing the boundaries with elaborate, inventive, and fusion driven recipes. Sweet lovers can rejoice as they are set to have a lot bigger palette to choose from, and dishes to indulge in.

Sweets are no longer limited to post-meal indulgences but have seeped their way into main meals such as breakfasts and snacking spaces as well. According to the panel, desserts with healthier claims, and high-end gourmet sweets will reign in 2023.

Ice creams are a prime indulgence in the list, alongside Indian mithais, pastries and cakes. Let’s take a closer look at what the ice cream trends say for 2023, and where you can head to try these delights!

Embracing alternatives

Embracing alternatives

Considering the claim for diet friendly desserts, 75% of the panel foresees a rise in demand for dairy free and vegan ice creams. “The 2023 edition of the Godrej Food Trends Report, emphasises that health has become a crucial factor in our food-related choices, including ice cream. This desire has created a demand for more transparency, which is clearly reflected in the emphasis on clean labelling. Additionally, individuals who prioritise their health are increasingly seeking out healthier and vegan ice cream alternatives. This pattern reveals a rise in consumer demand for ice creams made with a focus on natural ingredients and little processing—avoiding synthetic additives,” says Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal, Managing Director, A Perfect Bite Consulting and Curating Editor of the annual Godrej Foods Trends Report.

Exotic ice cream flavours

Exotic ice cream flavours

Speaking of exotic, the demand for exotic flavours is also expected to be on the rise. Artisanal and other ice cream outlets are offering a wide variety of delectable ice creams, which 75% of the panel believes will be on ice cream lovers’ minds next year. Flavours such as guava sorbet, toddy palm, Nolen Gur, coffee, cashew and almond brittle are in stark contrast to the usual vanilla and chocolate flavoured ice creams one is wont to enjoy.

Rise of guilt-free treats

Rise of guilt-free treats

There is a growing desire for natural ingredients, and preservative and additive free ingredients in their foods. People choosing alternate lifestyles wish to enjoy the indulgences of ice cream without the guilt. Further, people enjoying desserts regularly wish to regulate the intake of sugar and other harmful preservatives in their diets.

50% of the panel predicts a higher demand for ice cream with healthy claims. "Those that indulge regularly will look for healthier dessert options and gravitate towards options that have the flavour without the calories,” says Aatish Nath, a freelance food writer. Today several brands are offering ice creams made with whey, probiotic-rich and diabetic-friendly ice creams to better serve their diverse customer base.

Why hesitate? Enjoy your favourite ice cream scoop now!

Rise of guilt-free treats

Today, the ice cream market is witnessing a remarkable transformation from its classic, traditional roots of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. It is now a diverse landscape offering a multitude of options that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Brands today are going to great lengths to provide healthy and clean ice cream. Clean ice creams refer to ice creams that are transparent, simple, wholesome, and made easily with understandable ingredients; thus the 'clean' labelling.

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