Ice-cream scoops to beat the heat

Nothing beats a scoop (or two) of ice cream on a hot day. It's a classic dessert favourite for most people.

10 Jun 2022

Ice cream, loved all-round the year, can act like a balm on a hot sweltering summer afternoon. This decadent dessert pairs well with a host of ingredients from mint, dry-fruits, to fruits such as guava or even papaya! The Godrej Food Trend Report (GFTR) 2022 predicts the rise of indulgent well-crafted artisanal ice creams in 2022.

As the heat refuses to budge, we decided to round up a list of some of our favourite ice creams you can try or add to your wish list!

Copetto Artisan Gelato

In the GFTR 2022, Chef Anita Dhondy writes “Artisanal ice creams are on the rise in a big way. With interesting new flavour combinations and a product quality that is leagues ahead of commercial ice creams, handmade artisanal ice cream is a category that is going to stay and grow.” Copetto Artisan Gelato’s ice creams are all about culinary magic with delectable gelato concoctions, ideal to cool off from a humid day. Nestled in Coppetto's whitewashed, retro-style counters, this place is a haven for gelato lovers.

Lighten up your day with the scrumptious Italian treats that vary from a Raspberry sorbet to Ferrero Rocher. Coppetto Artisan Gelato is made from farm-fresh ingredients and offers everything from original artisanal gelato to sorbets and fruit blends.


In the GFTR 2022, the Godrej panel of experts predict ‘on bite-sized, portion-controlled desserts and desserts with healthier claims’ as top consumer demands for 2022. Get-A-Whey is one such brand for those of you who are diet conscious. The brand provides high quality whey protein ice-creams that can satiate your sweet cravings while giving you an extensive source of protein! They have a range of protein-rich whey-based ice creams with flavours that are just as desirable as their health benefits: Salted Caramel, Belgian Dark Chocolate, Tender Coconut, Sicilian Pistachios, etc.

Their range of whey protein based ice-creams are delicious and low on calories, leaving you guilt free!


So, what's the deal with Papacream? The brand exudes an excellent quality, on which they deliver. One glimpse at the Papacream flavours is enough to hint that it has taken ice-cream to a whole new level of indulgence. Whether it's a hearty scoop of sea salt caramel on a waffle cone or a festive mini tub sundae, the ice-creams are absolutely drool-worthy. Moreover, their freshness will make you want them even more! Papacream comes in quirky flavours like Thandai which comes with Gulab Jamun chunks, just as rich and creamy as their Malted Milk flavour.

With Papacream, chill without the guilt. Get your hands on one of these sinfully delicious  desserts and indulge in this new generation, vegan-friendly gourmet ice-cream, also available for customisation.


Do you wish you could enjoy ice-creams as a post-workout snack? Ice Creams at Noto are delectable frozen delights, rich in nutrients and fibres, and call out to all the fitness freaks out there. Noto means 'known' in the Sicilian language. Yes, a fitting name for the brand because they are top notch when it comes to the creamy texture with no extra sense of guilt.

When it comes to reinventing the way we eat our frozen desserts, they certainly have some exciting innovations up their sleeve like the Dreamy Vegan their name for the Salted Caramel flavour or the Lovely Vegan which refers to the Pistachio flavoured ice cream. Noto Ice-creams' range of scoops and tubs bring to you a satisfying treat, in a package that'll tickle your taste-buds and hit the right spot.

Godrej Food Trends Report 2022 - the detailed 95-page edition is available for download at

Do you know of any delicious ice-cream varieties? Tell us in the comments section below.

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