Have you checked out these food-related content creators yet?

From food science to recipes for children’s lunch boxes, these content creators are sure to inspire you

25 Nov 2021

The world of food, especially on social media, is a vast one. And there’s no dearth of content creators either. It’s easy to spend hours reading about recipes, lesser-known cuisines, and culinary trips, among other topics.

But there is a lot to explore, given how rapidly the world of food is evolving. If you want to look at food-related content from a different perspective, here are some social media users whose posts are as striking as they are delectable.

Krish Ashok
If you’ve ever wondered about the science behind food, then make sure you check out Krish Ashok’s social media handle. From decoding the science of chillies to explaining what connects pain relief creams to a bucket of sugary water, Krish’s feed is filled with interesting and offbeat content. Think colourful illustrations, quick cheat sheets and short videos.

Swapneel Prabhu
Kahwa French Toast, Kairi Panha Meringue Pie, Shalgam-Gosht Shepherd’s Pie, Surnoli, and Huggi. These are just some of the delicious dishes that you can find on SwapNeel Prabhu’s feed. Whether giving global dishes a desi twist or showcasing his native Saraswat cuisine, the home chef does both with equal aplomb.

Neha Sumitran
Through her social media feed, Neha Sumitran, who lives in Kodaikanal with her husband, documents the journey of growing her own food. The journalist-turned-regenerative gardener has cultivated a lush food forest in her backyard, which includes some rare species of fruits and vegtables. From batter-fried zucchini flowers to “garden-variety” thalipeeth (which includes homegrown leafy veggies such as amaranth, kale and borage), Neha showcases the freshest of produce in a variety of ways.

Arundhati Raghavan
Searching for inspiration for what to prepare for your kid’s lunch boxes? Head over to Arundhati Raghavan’s social media feed. The HR professional-food blogger shares what lunch and snacks she packs for her children every day. And there’s quite a variety too – from Button Idli Molaga Podi to Egg Fried Rice, and Carrot Zucchini Paneer Tikkis to Pistachio Butter Jam Sandwich, Arundhati’s lunchbox series is sure not to let you run out of ideas!

Ragini Kashyap
Explore food through the lens of history, cultural mores, and politics on Ragini Kashyap’s feed. Take, for example, her post on the Indian connects to the Guyanese bora, potato and fried chicken dish. Or the link between the iconic Bunny Chow and South Africa’s apartheid era. If you’re a history aficionado, then this is one feed that you ought to check out.

Are there any other food-related content creators who you feel should be featured? Let us know in the comments section below.

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