Tips to make your kitchen mould and fungus free this monsoon!

The onset of monsoon, brings lot of cheer and respite from the long spell of scorching summer temperature. Along with it, one also faces pesky problems such as growth of moulds and fungus due the high moisture levels in the atmosphere. Mould and fungus thrive in conditions that are warm and damp. The kitchen is perhaps the most vulnerable space at home, since it generates heat due to cooking and it is almost always wet due to usage of water for washing dishes, vegetables etc.

25 Jul 2017

Moulds are unsafe and can compromise health and immune system. It continues to spread slowly, unless it is stopped or preventive measures are taken to arrest the growth or formation. It can cause tummy upsets at the very least and breathing problems or lung infections in serious cases. This makes it even more important to keep your kitchen free of fungus and mould.

To counter these challenges, here are a few simple tricks to make your kitchen fungus free this rainy season.

1) To start with, eliminate any leaks in your kitchen – loose window panes or frames will allow in moisture and encourage the growth of mould.

2) Install an exhaust fan to make sure the air in the kitchen is circulated and fresh, especially when you are washing dishes, boiling/steaming/frying food or using strong cleaners.

3) Ensure that corners of cupboards and shelves of your kitchen are clean and dry. Anything made of wood – boxes, cupboards, shelves and implements – will be prone to absorbing moisture and thus making a good environment for the mould to grow. Make sure that everything wooden in your kitchen is clean, wiped regularly to avoid any fungus.

4) If it is widespread, it is best to get professional help.

5) Store all edible substances in air-tight containers – spices are especially prone to getting damp and fungus growth will occur quicker than you would think.

6) All working surfaces in the kitchen should be kept clean and grease-free. During the rainy season, this is even more important, since moulds like grease and will grow quickly on it.

7) Refrigerating food will help keep it fungus free for longer when humidity levels are high. But remember that even when in the fridge, food will go bad with mould during the monsoon. So consume perishables as soon as possible.

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