How to make meal planning easy – Tips for working mothers by Pooja Makhija

Being a working mother can be tough, especially when it comes to planning meals for your children. Celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija has got you covered with prepping tips and tricks that will help with even the fussiest eaters! Speaking at L’Affaire Season 2, a lifestyle soiree by Godrej in association with Verve, Pooja listed out four easy ways to tackle meal planning

20 Feb 2018

Prepare a weekly menu

Planning meals well in advance is important for working mothers. Work on a weekly or 10-day cyclic menu. This will make shopping, prepping and cooking easier for working mothers who already have a lot on their plate.   

Get the family involved

What better time than dinner to plan for the week ahead? Discuss different meal ideas with the family over a meal. This has two advantages: the children feel more involved in what meals are being cooked and it helps the mothers plan around their choices.

Juggle meal ideas

Children can get bored with the same breakfast or lunch options. Juggling these meals occasionally will prevent boredom from setting in. Some dishes can also be served as an evening snack to mix things up a bit.

Find alternative meal ideas

This works well with fussy eaters. The whole idea of meal alternatives is to find healthy substitutes that take care of overall nutritional value. For example, serve a burrito roll instead of rajma chawal - same ingredients but different look and feel and thus enjoyed better!

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