Five creative ways to use leftovers

In a lockdown situation and limited availability of ingredients, sustainability and zero-waste cooking have gained importance like never before. Here’s how five chefs are creatively maximising leftover dishes and giving them cool (and yum) transformations!

14 Apr 2020

Chawal ke Pakode by Ranveer Brar

Think there isn’t much you can do with leftover rice? Check out Ranveer Brar’s fried twist with these crispy and masaledaar pakodas. He says it’s one of the best recipes to use leftover rice, which makes us want to try it even more!

Check out Ranveer Brar’s Instagram post on his masaledaar pakodas:

Baked spicy cheesy eggs on beans by Anahita Dhondy

Who knew rajma would pair well with eggs and cheese? Anahita Dhondy maximises the beans’ protein quotient by baking it with eggs. For vegetarians, she recommends opting for paneer, tofu or just cheese.

Here’s her Instagram post detailing how to bake cheesy eggs on beans:

Leftover Sabzi Cutlets by Varun Inamdar

Varun Inamdar transforms leftover sabzi into a crowd-pleaser. These crispy cutlets can be put together fairly quickly and go well as a tea-time snack. Check out the recipe for this and other dishes that he’s featuring as part of his Quaran-Dine series on Godrej L'affaire's Instagram post.


Red Pumpkin Skin ka Salad by Harpal Singh Sokhi

Harpal Singh Sokhi adds his ‘namak shamak’ and makes the best out of waste using red pumpkin skin. This salad is nutritious, delicious and comes together in a matter of minutes with a few commonly available ingredients.

Here is his Instagram post:

Cheat's Bisibela Bhaat by Ruchira Hoon

Leftover daal and rice get transformed into a classic south Indian delicacy. Ruchira Hoon’s Cheat's Bisibela Bhaat is versatile and can be made with whatever vegetables you have. Her top tip: don’t skimp on the sambar powder!

Check out her Instagram post here:

How do you use leftover meals? Share your comments below.

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