Easy ice creams you can make at home with your children using Godrej Jersey Full Cream Milk

Beat the heat with this easy-to-make ice cream recipe you can try at home.

12 May 2022

It’s summer, and the children are at home. The vacation makes way for prolonged outdoor play, thereby driving up their craving for something cool and something sweet!

While store-bought ice-cream is always an option, did you know you could make them yourself? At home? Godrej Jersey Rich Full Cream milk can be a tasty alternative to ready-made ice-creams!

Keep reading to learn how you can whip up some ice-creams for your little ones.

Vanilla ice-cream

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Let’s start with the basics, let’s look at how vanilla ice cream can be made with Jersey full cream milk. For this recipe, you will need four cups of Godrej Jersey Full Cream milk, one cup sugar and one teaspoon vanilla extract. This will make around six to eight servings of ice cream.

Measure out the milk, sugar, and vanilla and add it to a medium bowl. Use a large spoon to stir the ingredients together. Continue stirring until all of the sugar has dissolved. Jersey’s full cream has a thickening effect and adds a richer consistency.

Pour the mixture into a shallow dish that is freezer-safe and place this dish into your freezer.

Take out the mixture every two to four hours and stir the mixture after the initial ice crystals have formed and place it back into the freezer. This helps improve the consistency and thickness of the ice cream.

After about eight hours, along with periodic stirring, the ice-cream should be frozen but should have a cream-like consistency and can be served immediately!

Use an ice cream scoop to transfer the ice cream into serving bowls. Top your home-made ice-cream with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, nuts, dried or canned fruit, and anything else you enjoy on your ice cream!

Mango ice cream

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Fresh mangoes are in abundance this season! And we are willing to bet your kids love them exponentially more than we adults do! But if you are, by now, quite weary of the aamras and the mango milkshakes we suggest you give mangoes an awesome twist of homemade ice cream (or even sorbet- keep reading to find out!)

For this recipe you will need 2 cups of Godrej jersey full cream milk and ½ cup sugar to make condensed milk. Cook on medium flame while stirring continuously until reduced and the mixture has a frothy consistency. Turn off the flame and let it cool completely, stir continuously while it’s cooling to get a smooth texture. Once cooled, your homemade condensed milk is ready!

Add a cup of diced mangoes and the condensed milk to a mixer and blend until smooth.

In a bowl, add a cup of cold whipping cream and beat it for 30 seconds or until frothy, add the blended mixture and beat with a hand mixer until you get soft peaks and a rich dense consistency.

Use a spatula to even the blended mixture then pour into a shallow dish. Place it in the freezer and refrigerate for 7-8 hours.

Your mango ice cream is ready!

There you go! That is how you and your kids can whip us some rich, dense and wholesome ice creams!

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