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An insightful study throws light on how those snacking on the delicious range of Godrej Yummiez products are in safe hands

10 Mar 2023

The ‘STTEM – Safety, Technology, Taste, Ease & Mood Uplifter’ - The India Snacking Report (Volume I) studies the snacking habits and preferences with respect to taste, time of consumption and nature of snacks across the country. The study, conducted by Godrej Yummiez, a brand of ready-to-cook products from Godrej Tyson Foods Ltd (GTFL), aims to understand the increasing shift in the tendency of Indians to consume frozen snacks.

The study describes how typically snacks include home-made snacks, snacks ordered from outside, or packaged foods. However, when the respondents were asked to share their choices from the last 10 snacking occasions, it was found that frozen foods were at par with the other categories. Some of the reasons for this being that they are easily available, made by trusted brands,  delicious, hygienic than store bought snacks, and finally, are easier to make.

What’s more, close to 40% of the respondents have already started considering snacking as a full meal replacement!

So in case you are snacking on Godrej Yummiez too, keep reading to discover what sets these unique snacks apart.

Uncovering the benefits of IQF
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Uncovering the benefits of IQF

While parents and adults in general are switching to frozen food and other snacks, a guilt however prevails. When parents were asked if they felt guilty to serve their children frozen foods, 55% responded in the affirmative because of the presence of preservatives in frozen snacks. Meanwhile, 51% Indians claimed they would feel less guilty to consume preservative-free frozen snacks

Enter- Individual Quick Freezing or IQF technology. The unique technology which dates back to 1960s, involves quick freezing of individual pieces as against freezing the items in bulk. This ultra-rapid freezing technique is designed to halt the activities of the microorganisms which might cause decay in the food.

The result- the snacks don’t require any preservatives!

All Godrej Yummiez products across the board are made using the IQF technology, thereby making the foods preservatives free, and hygienic.

Safety first

Safety first

The report concludes how today, people are looking at snacks not only from the perspective of taste and convenience, but also safety. The quality of the ingredients, method of preparation, use of oil and preservatives, are all crucial factors, in determining the snack of choice.

Thus, Godrej Yummiez initiated the study not only to deliver as per consumer requirements, but also trigger an informed discussion amongst manufacturing and industry stakeholders.

The study also helps throw light on the unique IQF technology applied by Godrej, which ensures that consumers only get the best. So grab your favourite Godrej Yummiez snack and be rest assured that your meal is safe and hygenic.

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