Dishes you should avoid cooking in an Instapot

A heads-up if you’re looking to invest in convenience cooking gadgets such as an Instapot

29 Jun 2021

The previous year transformed the way we cooked and managed our household chores, all while working from home. And it’s a change that seems to have continued this year as well. Multi-tasking consumers are expected to invest in time-saving convenience cooking gadgets such as an Instapot, as per the Godrej Food Trends Report 2021. While an Instapot makes cooking easier and can be used to prepare several dishes, there's also a list of things that shouldn't be attempted. Here are some dishes and foods you should avoid cooking in the Instapot.


Seafood is meant to be cooked quickly and at the right temperature. If you fail to do so, it might result in mush or rubbery and tough-to-chew pieces. An Instapot might not be ideal for seafood such as fish, oysters and clams, since it is pretty difficult to maintain the ideal temperature for cooking seafood in it.

Fried foods

If you’re looking forward to making fried chicken or bhajiyas in your Instapot, you might be in for a disappointment. The key to successfully cooking fried food is getting the oil hot enough. An Instapot might be good for sautéing food, but it can’t heat oil to the degree required for frying, as it isn’t a deep fryer by nature. So, avoid frying food in it.

Dairy-based dishes

One must be cautious while cooking dairy-based dishes. Since the main ingredient is milk based, the high heat in an Instapot can lead to curdling, and the results can be pretty disappointing.


Technically you won’t be baking a cake in an Instapot, you’d actually be steaming it, so the results could be a bit underwhelming. While you can make a bread pudding or even caramel custard in your Instapot, dishes such as brownies and cakes should be avoided.


You can cook bread in an Instapot, but can you get a crusty loaf? The answer is no. The reason is the same as that of making cake — due to the way the appliance works, a crisp crust won’t develop on the bread.

Know any other dishes that must be avoided while using an Instapot? Share them with our readers below.

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