Digging into the unmissable Diwali snack

Chef Varun Inamdar shares one of his favourite chiwda recipes for the festive season, cooked in Godrej Rice Bran Oil, in the second part of the Sahi Shuruaat series

03 Nov 2021

Poha chiwda is a deliciously crunchy snack, which stars the breakfast favourite — beaten or flattened rice. In this recipe, Chef Varun works with Godrej Rice Bran Oil, which has a neutral flavour that makes it ideal for frying sweet or savoury dishes, and it also contains a natural antioxidant called orizynol.

Lightly toasted poha, tempered chana dal, peanuts, dried coconut, garlic, dried fruits and a fragrant flavoured oil provide a melange of flavours and textures for the perfect chiwda.

Watch Chef Varun prepare this Diwali favourite.

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