Cooking with cast iron

A few tips to keep in mind while using a cast iron pan

19 Oct 2021

There are so many benefits to cooking with cast iron, and unlike many other modern kitchen pots and pans, cast iron pans get better with age. The Godrej Food Trends Report, 2021, has actually predicted a surge in demand for traditional Indian cookware such as cast iron cookware, terracotta etc. They’re durable, efficient and useful for cooking food that requires high heat. There’s almost nothing a cast iron skillet can’t do. Here are a few things to keep in mind when using this versatile cooking tool.

Cleaning the cast iron pan

Since water reacts with the iron and causes it to rust, one should avoid soaking a cast iron pan in water for long and make sure to dry it with a dishtowel. Rinsing the pan in warm water and sprinkling it with some baking soda immediately after cooking helps to clean it better. Since baking soda has anti-bacterial properties, it helps get rid of any odour or flavours.


They say seasoning your cast iron pan helps increase its life. One must season it whenever there are dull spots to be seen. Cooking regularly in the pan also helps in maintaining its optimum functioning.

Cooking acidic food

It is believed that acidic food like tomatoes and lemons can react with the metal and cause it to leach into the food. However, iron molecules leaching into your food aren’t bad after all as they provide our body with significant amounts of iron. Some believe that acidic foods might discolour the pan, but a simple baking soda scrub eliminates the risk of any discolouring.

Preheating and overheating

The cast iron pan performs best when it is heated well before use. Make sure to heat it for a few minutes before adding the food ingredients. Preheating the pan is very important while using it for cooking.

Since it is a good conductor of heat, the cast iron pan can sometimes get hotter than expected. In case of overheating, turn the heat down a notch and let it cool down.

Do you know any other tips to keep in mind while using a cast iron pan? Share in the comments section below.

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