Chef Ranveer Brar’s tips to create engaging vlogs

Want to increase your list of followers by vlogging? Take lessons from celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar

29 Apr 2021

Starting your own vlog is harder than it looks, but with the proper focus and preparation, there’s no reason you can’t become a successful vlogger. In the FBAI Dialogue session, Chef Ranveer Brar helped aspiring vloggers to understand the process of creating a vlog and how to make it unique.

Masterchef India judge and food film producer Ranveer is one of the most dynamic chefs in the country with three million plus subscribers on YouTube. His popularity on television too is unmatched, and he also has a tremendous fan following on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And when it comes to engaging his audience on social media, Chef Ranveer knows it too well. So what can vloggers learn from him? Read on to know his sure shot mantras of creating engaging content.

Expression is key

Digital media is an untapped platform for personal promotion. It allows content creators to put their best self out there, express themselves and build relationships. Social media is a social community and it is more important than ever to be a part of this community. Ranveer says, “Being yourself on social media is the biggest takeaway. The Internet is all about ‘breakthrough’ and ‘virality’, and therefore, when one is being themselves and truly expressing themselves, it’s just a breakthrough waiting to happen. Sometimes, it is important to create content that your audience wants to see. Test out a content idea and see how people engage with it by evaluating the comments, shares or likes.”

Start simple but don’t be afraid to fail

Starting a food or travel vlog and making your first video should be a fun, exciting experience. But the most important thing to remember is not to put too much pressure on yourself. “All you need are the basic tools – your phone, a quiet corner to shoot and of course, the food,” says Chef Ranveer. “One must also start small and fail the same way. If one fails early, they learn early and are able to rectify their mistakes.”

Making a personal connect

From creating the digital series ‘Maa Ki Baat’ on Mothers’ Day where the chef was seen cooking rajma chawal to thepla with his mom to taking food lovers on gastronomical adventures with his famous tagline “Phir mat bolna Ranveer ne bataya nahi,” the personal connect with his audience has always been an integral aspect of his culinary shows. Brar tries to unearth a hidden food story that’s as much about gastronomy, flavours and history, as it is about the heart and soul of the place. He says, “Loyalty is equally important in content. People come looking for recipes but go back with the personality of the individual. People have to connect with your style and the novelty you bring to a show. Loyalty is not a technique. It is a function of connection,” he says.

Finding inspiration

According to Chef Ranveer, food has always been an institution for him to learn more. Humble and respectful, Brar has been inspired by his friend Chef Kunal Kapur’s accuracy to producer Ashraf Abbas’s (Raja, Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniya fame) ease of style in shooting food documentaries. He says, “By watching these videos, you sometimes take back their style, demeanour, videography and edits.” It is not the equipment but the eye for details that will make your content unique.

Do you have any other tips for creating exciting vlogs? Share in the comment section below.

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