Butter board with a desi twist

It’s fun to scrape the butter with all the toppings. But how about some other alternatives? Read on

06 Dec 2022

Imagine gobs of butter slathered on a wooden board and topped with fruits, sauces, lemon zest, and dry fruits. The rapidly proliferating rage of the butter board on TikTok started as a simple and inexpensive alternative to cheese and charcuterie boards. The trend was popularised by recipe developer Justine Doiron, whose version of slathering butter is akin to a “new charcuterie board” and has been inspired by Chef Josh McFadden. Justine had topped the butter with sea salt, lemon zest, herbs, red onions, and edible flowers.

Of course, just like with other food trends, this is where you can get creative with the concept yourself. Use whatever toppings you like best — roasted garlic, chili flakes, sunflower seeds, sun-dried tomatoes, and so on.

A few food critics, however, are sceptical of the trend on social media because the pandemic is not yet over. Many are worried about double-dippers and the idea of communal-style eating.

However, if health is on your mind, skip the butter and go for creative spin-offs. Sweet ingredients like figs, strawberries, and honey are popular among chefs and food bloggers, while others infuse butter boards with new flavours like hummus or paneer topped with toasted almonds and chilli flakes, a cream cheese board, and Nutella.

Looking to try some of the creative options for your next house party. Your search ends here.

Achaari tandoori paneer board

When it comes to food inspiration, take a cue from Chef Anahita Dhondy Bhandari. On her Instagram page, she recently put up a butter board with a desi spin. Chef Anahita wrote, “Going all desi with the trending butter board, this tandoori board will fulfil all your tandoori platter cravings aesthetically. The flavours are going to blow your mind, and you’ll be surprised to see how easy this is.”

For the tandoori marinade, Chef Dhondy used hung curd, green capsicums, bell peppers, finely crushed garlic, Madras onions, tabasco sauce, onion and seasonings. For the achaari spread, you’ll need paneer (you can take Godrej Jersey paneer), mango pickle and seasonings. Add the paneer to the tandoori marinade. Crumble the paneer and blend nicely. Grill the marinated paneer and vegetables. Arrange everything on a wooden board or a platter of your choice.

Alternatively, recreate the same dish with your favourite Tandoori Chicken! 

Chaat board

Chef Saransh Goila has never failed to amaze us with his innovative food ideas. Chef Goila took to Instagram and wrote: “The viral butter board, but done the desi way. It's incredible how healthy it is in comparison to all that butter and with papdi or crackers you can keep diving into chaat…”

Simply add hung curd on the board followed by onions, pudina, imli chutney and boiled potatoes. Sprinkle some sev or bhujiya, pomegranate kernels, and your delicious board is ready.

Hummus board

Take a cue from Chef Chinu Vaze’s desi hummus board. Grind cooked kabuli chana, roasted garlic, salt, lemon juice and tahini sauce. Top it with roasted baby carrot, beetroot, jalapeno fried garlic, cucumber sticks, bread, crushed banana chips, pickled onions, chilli oil, coriander, and pomegranates. Dig in!

Pro tip: Sprinkle over your choice of toppings. Aim for a balance of flavours, textures, and colours but don’t overdo it. To amp up the flavour, add grated lemon zest, edible flowers, and herbs. Serve with bread or crackers.

What do you think of these innovative boards? Tell us in the comment section.

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