8 ways to put your ice cube tray to better use

Clever ice tray hacks that can be useful in your kitchen

30 Apr 2021

With the popularity of YouTube recipe guides, every second person today is a home chef. But modern cooking is way more than just about delicious dishes and fresh ingredients. It is about juggling everything and still having time for cooking meals. But with work from home slowly becoming the new normal, wouldn’t you prefer smart work over hard work?

Making a hearty meal doesn’t start with tossing diced veggies into the pan and plating it up. Most people take more time prepping meals than actually cooking them. So, how about some hacks that could save you a world of trouble and a lot of time? Sounds great? We thought so too.

The first step to learning these life-changing kitchen hacks is opening your fridge and pulling out…are you ready? The ice cube tray! It’s one item that, when put to good use, can make meal prep infinitely easier.

Frozen herb bombs

Here’s one hack that makes herb prepping simpler, and less messy (think all the tiny shreds you need to clean up after). First, cut up whatever herbs you think you need and place them in a clean ice cube tray. Next, you could melt some butter and pour it in, too. Lastly, put a generous dose of olive oil before you pop it into the freezer to harden. The next time you need to cook something, pull out these cubes and toss them into the pan straightaway – that saves you like three whole steps!

Ravioli mould

A clean ice cube tray is all you need to make perfect little ravioli. Just lay your pasta dough onto it, push it into each divot, put the filling, and layer it up with the second dough. Easy peasy!

Cookie dough storage

Homemade Choco-chip cookies? Yum! But the prep time on this one really needs a lot (and we’re not even counting the number of pans you need to clean after). Pro tip – pop the dough into your ice cube tray, and put it in the freezer for storage. Pull it out whenever you’re in the mood for cookies and get them baking!

Puree cubes

Make a whole batch of puree (tomato, pumpkin, etc.) and pop it all in the freezer in your ice cube tray. Every time you need some, just get the cubes, thaw and use. It’ll save time and a lot of hassle.

Stock icicles

Did you know you could store chicken/vegetable stock for future use? Here’s how. Make a batch, cool it, put it in your ice tray and store it in the freezer. Whenever you need to use the stock next, get the cubes out, thaw them and you have your stock ready. Isn’t that great news?

Jell-O shots

Have you ever thought of making Jell-O shots at home? Well, now would be a good time. For even though we’re stuck at home, what better to reminisce those party days than with your very own homemade Jell-O shot? So get cracking, but give the mould a miss. Use your ice cube tray instead.

Wine cubes

Are you a bonafide fan of French recipes? Then you sure like your fish delicious and a little tipsy. But first, do yourself a favour. Pour some of that wine into your ice tray and store it. That way, the next time you’re cooking your very fancy French dish, you don’t have to reach for the wine bottle. Get the cubes, and you’re done. No danger of knocking your bottle over and making a mess. Total win-win.

Ice pops

Make little cold treats using your ice cube tray. Use the juice of your choice, throw in some fruits, put them all in your ice tray and freeze them up. Pull them out anytime, whether to have them like little ice pops or use them in drinks, smoothies, you name it!

If you thought fancy cooking needed fancy kitchen tools, think again. Once you start with these, you’ll have new ideas of your own. Happy cooking!

Do you know of any other ice tray hacks? Share them in the comment section below.

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