11 amazing ways to eat Jamun, the most underrated Indian summer fruit

24 May 2019

Jamuns are no doubt tasty; they also pack in a lot of important nutrients. They are known to be excellent for diabetes and stomach disorders. Jamun is also good for your skin and is a great source of hydration in the hot summer.

You can eat jamuns fresh and ripe, with a sprinkling of rock salt or get a little adventurous and try some amazing recipes that these Instagrammers are raving about:

1. Eggless jamun ice cream by @binjalsvegkitchen

Stay cool this summer with delicious and easy-to-make eggless jamun ice cream with shaved chocolate folded in. This fabulous dessert looks beautiful because of its natural rich purple colour.

2. Jamun smoothie bowl by @shimmerwithplants

This exceptionally healthy smoothie bowl with apples, bananas, cinnamon and much more is a great way to start your day.

3. Jamun lime gummy bears by @cupcakeree

Indulge your children (and your sweet tooth) with this whimsical and delicious home-made gummy bear treat.

4. Jamun karanji by @tiffintales

This karanji with a twist is filled with roasted jamun compote and served with a light gondhoraj lemon nimish.

5. No churn jamun ice cream by @tashasartisanfoods

This creamy and delicious ice cream is the best way to keep cool this summer. The striking colour and the tart taste is a sure winner!

6. Jamun margarita by @firsttimercook


What’s a summer party without a signature summer drink? Wow your guests at your next party with this unique Indian-inspired jamun drink.


7. Jamun popsicles by @cupcakeree

Wondering what dessert to make for your pot luck party? These stunning jamun popsicles will stand out and earn you many brownie points from kids and adults alike.

8. Jamun mousse by @cauldron_sisters

Not too sweet and not too tart, this jamun mousse has a unique flavour.

9. Jamun jam rolls by @prattyandfood

These baked jamun jam rolls are what all Sunday breakfasts should be made of!

10. Jamun lassi by @cupcakeree

Craving for a cool drink but tired of the usual lassi? This jamun lassi has a unique taste and is full of nutrition too.

11. Jamun smoothie bowl with frozen jamun by @shimmerwithplants

Do you like glamorous breakfasts that look as good as they taste? This smoothie bowl made from frozen jamun and zucchini also has the additional benefits of ashwagandha and coconut water.

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