Must-have yoghurt-based drinks from around the world

Take a flavourful expedition around the world with our curated collection of must-have yoghurt-based drinks

29 Jan 2024

The advent of yoghurt and whey-based beverages delivers a double punch of protein and probiotics. Catering not only to health-conscious individuals but also to teetotallers, they redefine refreshment with every nutritious sip. From the frothy Turkish doogh to the spiced chaas, these beverages showcase the versatility of yoghurt, offering a symphony of flavours that transcends borders.


Ayran, a revitalizing Turkish beverage, is crafted from a simple trio of ingredients: yoghurt, salt, and water. Prepare a chilled glass of Turkish Ayran to beat the heat on a sweltering afternoon, enjoy it as a light breakfast or afternoon refreshment or use it to balance the richness or spiciness of a flavourful meal.


This luscious, frothy, herb-infused and mildly spicy Bangladeshi beverage is crafted with yoghurt (doi or curd), cumin, ginger, mustard, green chilli and mint leaves. A quintessential summer cooler, Borhani stands out as an excellent probiotic choice for the refreshing iftar drink during the Ramadan season.

Courtesy: Sanjeev Kapoor


Made by diluting yoghurt with water and then blending it with spices like cumin, salt and mint leaves, chaas, an Indian yoghurt-based drink, not only serves as a perfect accompaniment to a hearty meal but also acts as a cooling respite during hot summer days.


Rooted in Turkey’s nomadic history, this hydrating beverage from Albania has a lineage dating back over a thousand years, when bitter yogurt was diluted to enhance its palatability. A major advantage of Dhalle lies in its effortless preparation from scratch. In just under five minutes, you can effortlessly craft a wonderfully cold, frothy and refreshing beverage using plain yoghurt, water and sea salt.

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