Cool summer desserts to try at home

Delicious sweet treats that will help keep the heat at bay

25 Mar 2021

If the rising temperatures are killing your appetite, don’t sweat. Because that just leaves more room in your tummy for yummy desserts! A market which, according to the Godrej Food Trends Report 2021, the pandemic also impacted. A lack of outside sources drove us to discover and rediscover sweet treats at home. And with health and wellbeing on high priority in today’s world, people are choosing healthier options when it comes to sweet indulgence.

Renowned chocolatier Zeba Kohli believes, “2020 has proved a reality check for all of us globally. DIY will emerge as a cult for 2021 with most of us trying to practice what 2020 preached. Because it allows us to practice healthy living which translates into being happy, efficient, proactive and productive while saving the environment along with our souls. Frugal consumption of refined sugars and flour, emphasis on do-it-yourself by fresh making and baking in every cuisine with healthier options is a “go-to” that’s here to stay.”

So jump on the bandwagon and try making these cool summer desserts in your own kitchen:

Honey, pistachio and saffron kulfi

Combine cardamom-infused milk with corn flour and saffron until it boils, stirring continuously. Add the pistachios, sugar and honey and cook further on low heat. Then cool down the mixture before pouring into moulds and freezing for at least six hours. Transfer to the fridge for half an hour to soften, remove the moulds by dipping into hot water and finally serve this chilled milky treat with a scattering of chopped pistachios and a drizzle of honey.

Fresh fruit parfait

This one’s for the health conscious! Not only is it loaded with natural sugar in the form of fruit but also uses yoghurt as a star ingredient. Blend the yoghurt with mint leaves and pomegranate juice. Then take a tall glass and fill with chopped fruit such as apple, kiwi, pineapple, strawberries and grapes. Pour the blended mix over the fruit and top up with vanilla ice cream and a garnish of pistachios.

Strawberry, tulsi and hibiscus sorbet

Another guilt-free delight, this sorbet looks as good as it tastes and needs just four ingredients to make. Start by making an infusion of tulsi hibiscus tea from teabags. Add honey to the tea and once cool, blend smoothly with strawberries and watermelon. Chill the blend before churning in an ice cream machine until desired firmness is achieved. Serve with a garnish of mint leaves.

Mango and coconut ice cream

It’s not summer without the king of fruits! Puree the mangoes into a pulp and then blend with milk, coconut milk and sugar or honey. Freeze the mix for 2-3 hours before blending further with fresh cream. Freeze again and your ice cream is ready without the need to churn in an ice cream machine!

Almond milk, saffron and cardamom kheer

Kheer is a desi favourite and when served chilled, a great way to end a summer time meal. In this vegan-friendly recipe, pre-soak rice and then bring to a boil along with almond milk in a double boiler along with sugar, spices and raisins. Cook until the mix becomes thick and then stir in some saffron. Chill before serving with your pick of garnish – nuts, fruit or seeds!

Tell us which dessert you’ll be making the most this summer!

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