A peak into Virat Kohli’s one8 commune

Nestled in Kishore Kumar’s erstwhile bungalow, one8 commune promises a homely, yet experimental palette to its visitors

10 Jan 2023

Set in the bungalow of singer Kishore Kumar in Juhu, the restaurant has retained the homely atmosphere of its original space with quirky wall plates, bright table adornments, and plum-hued furnishings. It is an ode to the glorious Mumbai nightlife and the food is just as promising as the young cricketer’s sporting career!

The establishment already has outlets in Kolkata, Delhi, and Pune, with Mumbai being its latest venture co-owned with Vartik Tihara, Anshul Goel and Ankit Tayal.

Inspired by Kohli’s love for food, the restaurant boasts a host of Indian comfort foods, like dal khichdi and pancakes, while also including gourmet delicacies expertly crafted by Chef Pawan Bisht. The restaurant also hosts an impressive beverage menu, which is often on visitors’must- try lists.

Let’s take a closer look at what you can try while at one8 commune.

Skipper's favourites

Other than bar food such as buffalo wings and corn ribs, the menu at one8 commune hosts a range of‘large plates’. The Avocado Tartare, part of the section titled‘Virat’s favourites’, contains sliced avocado topped with sweet corn sriracha mayonnaise, scallion, and ponzu soy and tempura avocado.

When at the restaurant, you get to choose from an array of regional dishes such as Malabari Prawn Curry and Chicken Railway Curry. The signature dishes include Curried Lobster Thermidor, and Taro Leaf Wadi, made with taro leaves spiced with edamame and served with mint chutney and yoghurt coconut lassi.

Bowled over

The restaurant proves to be a promising treat for vegetarians, with dishes which are more than just afterthoughts. For instance, the Mushroom Googly Dimsums which contain a wild mushroom filling and Pearl Barley Risotto, made with mushroom pate, truffle oil, and parmesan.

The poke bowls are delicious, inspired by Hawaiian and Japanese fusion salads, such as Fried Chicken Poke and Silken Tofu Poke, and are served with assorted veggies and wok-tossed rice.

Sip for a surprise

Experimental cocktails offer visitors a unique experience. Try the deconstructed picante, which is labelled as a treat for gin enthusiasts, as it comes with a platter of assorted sides to nibble along with your drink. While White Chocolate Punch has hints of white chocolate, the Banana Old Fashioned comes with a taste of banana!

The Tiramisu Monk, branded as a dessert in a glass, is an old-fashioned cocktail with the comforting flavours of tiramisu and brownies.

Experience the sweetness

Desserts such as the Burnt Basque Cheesecake and Mascarpone Cheesecake, both made with hints of pecan, are also promising elements of the dessert menu.

Reserve a table at Virat Kohli’s newest restaurant and share your opinions with us in the comments section below.

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