Fresh juices to quench your thirst at these iconic centres

Have you had juices at these iconic juice centres?

28 Sep 2021

Who can resist freshly squeezed fruit juice? One that is infused with the flavour of loads of fresh fruits, and laced with nostalgia. In the already overcrowded market of juice bars and milkshake joints across the country, a few have stood the test of time by never compromising on their quality. Here’s a look at some of the iconic juice and milkshake joints that are worth trying.

Paramount Juice Centre, Kolkata

More than the sherbets (yes, that’s what they famous for), Kolkatans love to crowd this 100-year-old quaint little shop in College Square to sip on history! Located in the vicinity of reputed heritage educational institutions, this sherbet shop is a landmark in itself, which was opened in 1918 by Nihar Ranjan Majumder from Barisal in present-day Bangladesh. The humble joint with wooden benches and marble-top tables is steeped in glorious history — it was a meeting place for many revolutionaries and freedom fighters. Paramount is one of the few shops in the city that sells only sherbets made with syrups that are well-kept family secrets. The menu reflects the change in seasons — Kesar Malai made with milk, sugar and kesar (saffron) in winter while other classics include the Tamarind Sherbet or the Green Mango sherbet, a thick lassi-like drink, made with fresh curd, sugar, salt and ice, along with one tablespoon of their special syrup.

Signature drink: The iconic Daab (coconut) sherbet is made with coconut water and vanilla essence with tender coconut flesh floating on the top.

Bachelorr’s, Mumbai

The 82-year-old juice joint has an interesting story. Hailing from Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh, Om Prakash Agarwal ran away from his home as a teenager and reached Mumbai. Having no money in his pocket, he worked at a construction site near Chowpatty and also sold fruits by the beach. Since he was single till the age of 27, Om Prakash named his unassuming roadside juice joint ‘Brahmachari’ (bachelor in Sanskrit). It wasn’t until 1940 that the shop was called Bachelor Juice House. In the ‘70s it was Om Prakash’s son, Arun, who took it to new heights by introducing classics like ice-creams, milkshakes and fruit creams, which are still carefully curated and kept exclusive. From a menu comprising iconic orange, mosambi and chikoo juices during the ‘80s, currently it has an exhaustive list of over 200 dishes, including fruit-based milkshakes, pizzas and pav bhajis.

Signature drink: Tongue Twister made with chillies, spices, mint, chocolate and the sweetness of vanilla.

Marz-o-rin, Pune

Serving Punekars since 1965, Marz-o-rin was founded by Sheriar J Sheriyarji with only four items on the menu. Today Marz-o-rin has over 150 items with a bevy of dishes ranging from sweet, savoury, bakery to even vegan items! Besides it’s fast-selling sandwiches and burgers, the juices include an array of cold coffees and pina coladas.

Signature drink: The exciting chillers are Berry Berry (made with seasonal berries), Mango Tango (prepared with luscious mangoes) and Lovely Litchi.

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