What's Cooking in 2024? Dive into the Godrej Food Trends Report

Dive into the data and discover what taste sensations await, from innovative ingredients to revolutionary dining experiences.

29 Mar 2024

This highly anticipated annual report, now in its seventh year, offers a treasure trove of insights from leading figures in the Indian culinary landscape.

Over 190 food connoisseurs, renowned chefs, influential bloggers, and restaurant owners have contributed their expertise, providing a vibrant tapestry of trends that will shape how we eat in 2024 and beyond.

Below are the 12 trends exploring innovative ingredients, captivating cooking techniques, and the hottest dishes that will set the food scene ablaze.

Authenticity will drive travel experiences

In 2024, travellers will embark on journeys especially designed to offer deep immersion into local culinary culture, cuisine and flavours. They will seek to enrich their travels through authentic culinary encounters such as bespoke dining experiences, market and city food walks, edible souvenirs and more.

Hot sauces will be on fire

The rising demand for all things crispy will ignite a parallel demand for accompaniments to spice up beloved fried snacks. Thanks to a wide array of local and exotic chilli varieties sparking culinary creativity at home and across the industry, spice lovers can look forward to a plethora of fiery options in 2024.

Ghee will rise again

From health-conscious millennials to flavour-driven foodies, ghee’s natural goodness, its traditional link to Ayurveda, and its perceived ability to enhance digestion, will all contribute to its renewed appeal as a healthy kitchen staple in 2024. Ghee’s provenance, deeply rooted in cultural traditions and mindful farming practices, will fuel a newfound appreciation for its culinary versatility and unique taste profile.

Story-based content will drive conversations

Story-based, narrative-rich content will be the most successful media format to fuel food conversations in 2024. Concepts around cultural explorations, food history narratives, and personal memoirs, that lend easily to compelling stories, will cut through the mire of clickbait and short-form sensational content, and win the attention of discerning audiences.

Bespoke cocktails will raise the bar

Discerning drinkers will look for masterfully crafted cocktail experiences in 2024. The beverage segment will meet this demand with signature offerings inspired by unusual local ingredients and techniques. This shift will drive focus towards celebrity mixologists, bar takeovers and pop-ups.


Ingredient-forward concepts will flourish

In 2024, ingredient-forward concepts will transcend their niche and come into the mainstream. From provenancedriven, farm-to-fork concepts to hyper-local sourcing in both products and experiences across the industry, gastronomic ingenuity will shine through a spotlight on quality components.

Mindful convenience will be the new mantra

2024 will see home cooks embrace convenience-based food products that emphasise health, nutrition, quality, and provenance. This focus on mindful consumption will also drive a demand for ready-to-eat snacking options that balance convenience with traditional flavours, wholesome ingredients and transparent sourcing.


Sweet Quotient of desserts will be recalibrated

The focus of desserts will shift from saccharine indulgence, to nuanced flavours and textures that encompass surprising and skillful ingredient pairings, use of natural sweeteners, and a greater focus on technique; all towards catering to diners looking for a lower sweet quotient.

Chocolate will become a sophisticated affair

Indian chocolatiers are increasingly showcasing the unique nuances of provenance by artfully combining locally-grown, high-quality cacao beans with unusual Indian ingredients, offering discerning consumers a sophisticated experience around quintessentially Indian flavours through the medium of chocolate.

K-food will become mainstream

Korean culture has been garnering a cult following, through sustained initiatives in cultural diplomacy. With its bold flavours and diverse dishes, Korean food will capture mainstream sensibilities. Expect it to be on the plate at home, and on dining-out menus across demographics and geographies in 2024.

Protein-rich foods and beverages will stay pumped

The focus on health and wellness will have consumers continuing their search for high quality, nutrient-packed, protein-rich foods and beverages. The convenience, versatility, and nutritive properties of poultry and dairy will keep them top-of-mind, particularly for home cooks.

Women in food will be in spotlight

2024 will illuminate the pivotal role women have played in the culinary landscape of India. From regional custodians to food entrepreneurs, chefs, bartenders and brewers, women will finally get due recognition for their contribution to shaping Indian gastronomy with creativity, leadership, fostering inclusivity and inspiring future generations.

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