Five reasons to have jaggery

The goodness of jaggery and why it has been an integral part of regional cuisines.

03 Nov 2020

For years, our grandmothers believed in jaggery’s energy-building, nutritive and digestive properties. The low cost sweetener – that comes in cubes, dome shapes and pyramids -- was once a pantry staple used widely in cooking. Ragi laddoo, aate ka halwa, chikki, gul papdi, inji puli and even chinch-gulachi amti — there are so many traditional recipes that feature jaggery. Besides traditional sweets, jaggery as an alternative to refined sugar is used in an array of baked goodies. At a time when our goal is to eat right and cook with simple ingredients, it makes sense to opt for this healthy alternative. Here’s a look at some reasons why Bengaluru-based home baker Priyanka Gandhi Mehta (who was one of the speakers at Home Baker Matters 2018 powered by Vikhroli Cucina) believes jaggery is good in moderation.

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