How to reuse kitchen waste

Are you still tossing away those peels and shells? Stop and rethink!

09 Dec 2021

Whether you call it good old thriftiness or being extra careful about the planet, knowing a few hacks on how to reuse kitchen waste products is always a good thing. By diverting food waste away from landfills, we can reduce our carbon footprint.

One common way to reuse kitchen scraps is to compost organic waste such as seeds, peels, leftover food, etc. However, if it isn’t possible to do that, there are other innovative ways to fruitfully reuse kitchen scraps. Here are some smart ways to do so.

Lemon peels

Lemon juice has many applications in the kitchen and so do lemon peels. Make a multipurpose cleaner with the lemons after you’ve squeezed out the juice. Fill two-third of a jar with vinegar, throw in the lemon peels and let the mixture rest for at least a week. Dilute the mixture with some water whenever you want to use it to clean dishes, kitchen surfaces, etc.

Paper towel rolls

Do you keep finding your headphone or appliance wires always getting messy and scattered? Cardboard paper towel rolls are a great way to put away your cables neatly and keep the area clear. You could also paint them so that they look as pretty as they are efficient.

Dried bread

A lot of people prefer to cut off the crusty sides and edges of the bread loaf which end up getting discarded. Also, one often throws away stale bread that has become hard and dried. But here’s a great way to reuse them and save yourself a trip to the grocery store for breadcrumbs. Just freeze or refrigerate the unused bread pieces. Whenever you need to use them, bake the pieces until crisp and grind them. And there you have it, delicious breadcrumbs for that perfect crispy coating!


Mineral-rich organic eggshells make a great additive in your pet’s diet. Just wash the eggshells properly and bake them for 8 to 10 minutes. Let them cool and grind them into a fine powder that you can spoon in your pet’s food for calcium. Another creative way to reuse eggshells is to turn them into organic chalks for your kids. All you need is a good grinder that can make a fine eggshell powder, food colouring, some flour and hot water. Shape the mixture into a log and let it dry for a few days to make organic coloured chalks.

Mesh vegetable bags

Turn the mesh bags for fruits and veggies into a fancy gifting bag. All you have to do is remove the fruits and vegetables carefully without damaging the mesh bag, rinse and dry it. Then let your imagination run wild -- add some colours and sparkle, paste fancy bows and decorations and store them away for later use. If you’d prefer going down the more practical route, you can also use the mesh bags for scouring dirty pans.

Do you know other innovative ways to turn kitchen waste into useful things? Tell us in the comments.

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