Unusual dosa combinations you didn’t know existed

Crispy, spongy, fluffy, versatile, delicious. There’s enough and more that can be said about the humble dosa. The ever-popular South Indian breakfast item has various avatars to suit even the fussiest of eaters. Here are some lesser known varieties that are sure to become new favourites!

24 Jun 2019

1 Surnoli by @shrikripa7

With its mottled appearance, surnoli looks like the Moroccan pancake baghrir, but the similarity ends there. This spongy, fluffy dosa is a traditional breakfast favourite in Saraswat Brahmin households. It is usually prepared with jaggery but the savoury version is equally popular. Surnoli pairs best with white homemade butter but other popular combinations include ghee, mooga ghashi (coconut-based moong curry) and chutney.

2. Thakkali dosa (tomato dosa) by @hebbars.kitchen

Tomato in a dosa? Who would have thought? But it’s a delicious way to begin the day, as many down south would attest. This colourful and tangy dosa is a popular breakfast recipe. It is also an “instant” dosa, which means it doesn’t require any fermentation unlike conventional recipes.

3. Watermelon dosa by @ mumbai_foodinpixels

The recipe for this dosa stems from the traditional philosophy of not wasting any part of the produce. The nutritious rind is usually discarded when people cut watermelons, but here it gets transformed into a subtly sweet and super delicious dosa. Some people even prefer adding watermelon puree which gives it a beautiful pink colour.

4. Gothambu dosa by @_november_rose

Gothambu or Godambu dosa is a wheat flour-based dosa that doesn’t require any fermentation. This dosa can be made in a jiffy and is super versatile. A popular (and healthy) version for kids involves adding ripe, mashed bananas to the batter.

5. Muttai dosa by @ adukalaiimykitchen

This dish combines our two favourite breakfast items — egg and dosa — into one. This healthy and protein-packed recipe is a popular street food and makes for a wholesome meal when paired with a chilli-coriander chutney.

6. Pesarattu by @ dalailipika

Whole green moong is the star of this healthy dosa from Andhra Pradesh. It’s simple to prepare, filling and rich in protein. A popular combination is pesarattu, upma and coconut chutney.

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