Top 4 reasons to eat local by celebrity chef Vicky Ratnani

Eating healthy is a priority for most of us and as homemakers, we often find ourselves on the look out for ways to provide our family, meals to remain healthy and fit. This is where celebrity chef Vicky Ratnani’s talk at the FBAI Dialogues 2018’s wellness conference on why it’s important to eat fresh, local food came in handy. This year’s FBAI Dialogues was organised by the Food Bloggers Association, Godrej, Vikhroli Cucina and California Walnuts. Vicky listed four key points on why eating local produce is important for yourself, the community and the environment

09 Apr 2018

Fuels creative impulses

No chef worth his/her salt can create an interesting menu doodling on the laptop. Hit the market to feel the textures, see the riotous colours, experience the just-plucked smells and be inspired to create a lip-smacking menu. 

Environmentally just

Do your bit for environment conservation, and buy local produce. It decreases the impact on the environment due to transportation, by reducing emissions, the carbon footprint and fuel consumption.

Flavorsome and nutritious

Food which travels far to reach the consumer is exposed to varying lights, temperatures, packaging, etc, which affects both taste and nutrition. The longer farm produce takes to reach your plate, the higher the loss in taste and nutrition.

Pay the farmer, not the doctor

Fresh produce is packed with larger amounts of nutrients that support health. As Vicky says, “Let food be your medicine, not medicine your food.” Also, when you buy local, you support the local community and small farmers.

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