Scrumptious halwas using seasonal fruits and vegetables

Make the most of fresh vegetables and fruits in sinful halwas.

22 Feb 2021

In India, we have this deep tradition of considering halwa to be pure and an offering to the gods and indispensable for any kinds of celebration. A traditional dessert, usually made with rawa and sugar syrup comes in various avatars.

Vegetables and fruits for halwa? Yes, you heard it right. Not just the classic gajar ka halwa, but the sweet halwa can even be made using humble everyday vegetables and fruits. To quickly satiate your sweet tooth, try halwas using potatoes, bottle gourds, pineapples and many more. Here’s how you can do so.

Aloo ka halwa

The ubiquitous potato is a primary ingredient for any veggie-based curry. But how about using it for dessert? Aloo ka halwa is a popular recipe from Marwari cuisine, which is eaten mainly on special occasions and fasts. All you need is grated boiled potatoes which need to be roasted on a medium flame in ghee or butter. Sugar is added to the mashed potatoes, and once the mixture starts leaving the edges, chopped dry fruits are added along with a pinch of cardamom powder.

Lauki ka halwa

Bottle gourd is a common vegetable in most Indian homes that is used to make curries, stews, juices and dry sabzi. Though not loved by kids in the vegetable form, this summer coolant is bursting with delicate flavours. For those who have a sweet tooth, bottle gourd comes to your rescue. Add grated bottle gourd to milk and simmer it for a while. When the mixture turns mushy, flavour it with cardamom powder and a handful of raisins and pistachios.

Kaddu ka halwa

A lot of naysayers wouldn’t love to touch this vegetable. But the addition of pumpkin in halwa is delectably soothing and flavourful. This dessert, commonly prepared in homes in north India during fasting days, is filling and delicious. The addition of khoya or condensed milk makes it creamier and it is usually garnished with chopped almonds, raisins and cashews.

Papaya halwa

Up your nutrition quotient with the goodness of ripe papaya in halwa form. A quintessential festive treat, it can be made with jaggery or palm sugar to enhance the dish’s dark colour. The addition of rice flour to the papaya mixture gives it a thick texture. Serve hot garnished with dry fruits and nuts.

Pineapple halwa

This after-meal dessert is made with fresh pineapple, semolina, sugar and ghee. Serve it hot with pistachios and almonds.

Do you know of any other halwa variety? Share your comments below.

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